Indiana USPSA Section Match

As mentioned previously, the Indiana USPSA Section Match has been moved to July 23rd-25th.  Due to some competitors not being able to make it that weekend, we’ve had several slots open up for the match.

9 slots on Friday

9 slots on Saturday

12 slots on Sunday

Go to the USPSA Indiana Section website for info on how to sign up!

Indiana USPSA Section Match Update

The match has been postponed until July 23-25th. For my out of state readers, we’ve received a tremendous amount of rain the past two weeks, and currently the range is under 3 feet of water in certain places. We have more rain on the way, and unless we plan on shooting with snorkels and boats then the match would be impossible and unsafe to put on.


As you can see, it’s pretty bad. The guy in the picture is well over 6 feet tall…and that’s not the deepest water on the range. Here’s an email with updates from the Indiana Section Coordinator Jake Martens:

Here is a link to pictures so you understand the current conditions of the range.

Even if the water were to receed there would be no way that we could get stages built in time for the match. Plus the conditions on the actual bays will most likely be unsafe.

I have already received several responses back from competitors offering to help if needed for next month, and that they will be there for sure!!

It has been said before, but the shooting community is definitly full of truely amazing people!!

I have been in contact with Gary Stevens with regards to this as well. Gary was a big help in offering advice on how to proceed.

Again thanks for your understanding and patience. Trust when I say that this is the last thing that we wanted to. Several of us have been working on this match, the details etc since October of last year.

Atlanta Conservation Club, its board and Mike Thompson are great in saying “whatever it takes, we will have the match here next month”

Almost all of the staff have made schedule changes and have offered to be available for July as well.

It is great to be able to surround yourself with folks like this!!

Jake Martens
Indiana Section Coordinator
Match Director
JULY 2010 Indiana USPSA Championship
(t-shirts may have the wrong date, but it is a hell of alot better than saying “cancelled”)

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected] and I will get your questions to Jake ASAP. I’m very sorry for the people that may not be able to make that new match weekend, however I agree that “postponed” beats the hell out of “cancelled”.

On the bright side for me, this gives me a month to practice with the SR9c, and now we can include this match as part of the Quest for Master class!

Indiana State IDPA Championship kicks off!

The first rounds in the 2010 Indiana State IDPA Championship head downrange today at Atlanta, IN.  Today’s shooters probably have the best of the weather – no rain in the forecast until 5pm, and then only a 30% chance.  Tomorrow is showing a 40-50% chance of rain, so it seems that the Indiana IDPA Curse is alive and well.  If you’re new to the blog, the curse is that the Indiana State Championship has been shot in the rain every year for the last two years (which marks its return as a sanctioned match) and this year was moved to June in order to avoid the rain.

Maybe it will hold off!  I hope for the sake of everyone shooting that the rain will stay away – but on the bright side, at least it won’t be COLD and raining.

Good luck to my fellow shooters and competitors, especially the guys shooting Enhanced Service Revolver.  Hopefully I’ll have another plaque to hang on the wall of my office in a couple of days!

Registration extended for Indiana USPSA Section match

Got an email from Jake Martens about the upcoming USPSA Section Match:

As of today June 2nd there are 214 registered competitors for the upcoming Indiana USPSA Section Championship being held

June 25th thru June 27th at the Atlanta Conservation Club in Atlanta, IN.

There are 68 Slots that are still open for this match to be full.

There are:

Friday (11:45am Shooters Meeting, 12:00 start, shoot with Staff) = 33 Slots Available

Saturday AM (8:45am Shooters Meeting, 9:00am Start, all 10 stages+chrono) = 5 Slots Available

Sat PM/Sun AM (Saturday 11:45am Shooters Meeting, 12:00 Start, Sun 9am 6/4 stages) = 2 Slots Available

Sunday AM (Sunday 8:45am shooters meeting, 9am start all 10 stages+chrone) = 28 Slots Available

I have decided to extended the registration period until June 19th.

There will be no late fee needed for anyone that sends their entry fee and match entry postmarked by June 19th.

I’m registered and squadded up for the match.  I’m actually in Squad 21 and there are still openings in my squad, so if you’d like to squad up and shoot with me, get in now!

The match itself is HUGE.  We might have around 300 shooters at a section match, which is an insane number of bodies to have over the course of the 3 day match.  However, it also helps us make a strong case to host the Area championship in Indiana, as well as speaking to the robust and proud shooting culture we have here in Hoosierlandia.  It should be a great match, and it will be the final match I shoot with my 625 for a while as I’ll be transitioning to my next gun in the Quest for Master Class.  Speaking of which, today is the last day to vote in the next gun poll for the QMfC.  Remember – each class will be shot with realistic carry guns, so you can expect to see actual defensive firearms being put through their paces.

June is going to be exciting!  The IDPA State Match and Area 5 will be my warm-ups as the month will culminate in me chasing a home-town title in USPSA Revolver.  And I promise lots of pictures, because hey – this thread is useless without pics.

Indiana State IDPA Championship

The big shoot is this Saturday, and it looks like we’re going to have a decent field for Enhanced Service Revolver shooters.  The match is clocking in at 130-ish shooters over the course of 2 days of shooting, with staff shooting tomorrow and the rest of the shooters rocking out on Saturday.  Here are the stages for the 2010 Indiana State IDPA Championship.  As usual, the match staff and stage designers have put together a good mix of speed shoots and longer stages to give a challenging match with some tight shots.

I’m even more excited about shooting ESR at this match than I was before.  This is the kickoff for a very busy June for me – after this match I have Area 5 in Illinois next weekend, then a weekend off, and then the Indiana State USPSA Section Match.  After all that wheelgun shooting, the Quest for Master Class will kick off in full swing shooting some neat guns and gear.  In fact, I should have an announcement on that later on in the week!

As for the IDPA State Championship, I’m excited.  The weather for the weekend is supposed to be nice; I can’t wait to shoot this match and not be freezing cold or in pouring rain!

Indiana Primary results

As mentioned, the Indiana primary elections were yesterday, with the race in the 5th District and the Senate primary essentially being the de facto elections as the Democrat challengers in those races are very likely to get stomped into the ground.

In the 5th District, incumbent Dan Burton defeated his many challengers in the Republican primary despite a tight race from Luke Messer.  Dan has been a staunch friend of Indiana gun owners and will continue to defend us and our right to keep and bear arms in Washington DC, just as soon as he crushes the sacrificial lamb the Democrats throw at him.

The Senate race is actually bad news for Indiana gun owners.  Senator Evan Bayh, despite being a Democrat had an A rating from the NRA and had stood in defense of our rights on multiple occasions.  He was quite often a better conservative than our RINO Senator Lugar.  After last night’s primary, it looks like he’s going to be replaced by RINO Dan Coats, who if you remember voted to support gun control when he was previously serving on Capitol Hill.  This is the danger that we’re facing this election – while anti-incumbent sentiment is high (and for good reason) we need to be careful about replacing perfectly functional pro-gun reps and senators for squishy Republicans like Dan Coats.  Admittedly, the case in Indiana is sort of an exception as Bayh is not seeking re-election, but still – don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and end up with a RINO like Dan Coats in office.  The last thing we need is a bunch of spineless Republicans to get elected during this critical time.

Indiana Primary today

Alright Indiana residents, our primary elections are today. If you’re a resident of the 5th Congressional district, you have an opportunity to vote “pro-gun” today by voting for either the incumbent Dan Burton or State Rep Mike Murphy. Both are solidly pro-gun and will represent us well.

In the Republican primary for Senate, remember that when he was previously in Congress, Dan Coats voted FOR the Clinton Assualt Weapons ban. He is no friend to gun owners. Marlin Stutzman is, and has earned his A rating from NRA.

Check out NRA-PVF’s website for a complete list of endorsements and grades for candidates.  If you’re an Indiana resident and not sure where to go to cast your vote, the Secretary of State has provided a resource to help you find your polling place.

Ohio and North Carolina also have primaries today – this is where the rubber meets the road and the activism has to start turning into votes.  Let’s support Pro-2A and pro-small government candidates today!

Indiana USPSA State Championship adds sponsors

From Jake Martens, the USPSA Section Coordinator for Indiana:

Montana Gold has signed up to be a Co-Stage Sponsor this year sending $500 worth of certificates for the prize table.  Wiley-X has signed up to be a Stage Sponsor and I have received a box of 18 pairs of eyewear from them today!!!  Fobus Holsters has also signed on as a sponsor this year at the Gold level sending 12 certificates for holsters.  Precision Delta will also be a Gold Level Sponsor again this year with a donation of $300 worth of certificates.

Thanks to all the companies that have signed up so far to sponsor this match. If you are interested let me know, [email protected]

Get your entries in…..

Sponsors for the 2010 Indiana USPSA Sectional Championship now include the above listed companies, as well as TechWearUSA, SVI Infinity, Starlight Brass, and Millennium Custom Guns.  This is going to be a great match this June, so get your entry in now!

Indiana State USPSA Sectional Match

The Indiana State USPSA Sectional match is coming up – sure, June 25th seems like a long way away, but before you know it the match will be here.  257+ rounds and 10 stages for a mere $85?  Totally worth it.  Get your entry form right here, get signed up and come out to Atlanta Conservation Club, the finest outdoor range in the Indy/Metro area on June25th-27th for the Indiana State USPSA Sectional Match.

I’ll definitely be there rocking the 625 – I’ve got the entire month of May to practice for this match, and I’ll be shooting Area 5 a couple of weeks prior to the State Match, as well as having already shot the Indiana State IDPA Championship the first weekend in June.  It’s going to be an awesome month!