Indiana Primary results

As mentioned, the Indiana primary elections were yesterday, with the race in the 5th District and the Senate primary essentially being the de facto elections as the Democrat challengers in those races are very likely to get stomped into the ground.

In the 5th District, incumbent Dan Burton defeated his many challengers in the Republican primary despite a tight race from Luke Messer.  Dan has been a staunch friend of Indiana gun owners and will continue to defend us and our right to keep and bear arms in Washington DC, just as soon as he crushes the sacrificial lamb the Democrats throw at him.

The Senate race is actually bad news for Indiana gun owners.  Senator Evan Bayh, despite being a Democrat had an A rating from the NRA and had stood in defense of our rights on multiple occasions.  He was quite often a better conservative than our RINO Senator Lugar.  After last night’s primary, it looks like he’s going to be replaced by RINO Dan Coats, who if you remember voted to support gun control when he was previously serving on Capitol Hill.  This is the danger that we’re facing this election – while anti-incumbent sentiment is high (and for good reason) we need to be careful about replacing perfectly functional pro-gun reps and senators for squishy Republicans like Dan Coats.  Admittedly, the case in Indiana is sort of an exception as Bayh is not seeking re-election, but still – don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and end up with a RINO like Dan Coats in office.  The last thing we need is a bunch of spineless Republicans to get elected during this critical time.


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Bayh had an NRA rating of D-. I know that Ellsworth who will be running against Coats has an A rating but I don’t trust him on other issues. Looks like I might be voting for the Independent or Libertarian on this one. Too bad Stutzman or Hostettler couldn’t get enough momentum to overcome the RINO. Maybe if one had bowed out the other might have had a chance.

  2. Back in the day I supported Coats as did most gun toting Hoosiers – I still remember the Sportsmen for Coats bumperstickers. But in 1993 he certainly lost his way and bowed out of the 94 race before Hoosiers could officially hand him his walking papers.

    Ellsworth hasn’t been put to the test yet so my money will still be on Coats. I’d like to think the man learned his lesson and I’m willing to take the questionable vote of Coats over the questionable vote of Ellsworth who’s own newsletters show him to be less the Blue Dog that he pretends to be.

    Ultimately though I am saddened as Hostettler was my guy, one of the most libertarian minded conservative Republicans out there. My hope is Hostettler will show up again somewhere in 2012.. maybe even trying to take back the 8th (though I like Buschon well enough).

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