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Welcome to our gun reviews page, where we keep a catalog and links to all the reviews we’ve done of different guns since coming up with our current scoring system. Here’s how the gun review scoring system works.

All guns start with 100 points. Any failure to complete the cycle of operations results in -1 point, any mechanical issue that can be corrected at the armor level results in -5 points, and any major parts breakage before 2,000 rounds results in -50 points. Additionally, 1911 pistols that fail the 10-8 Function Test get hit with a -10 for failing that test protocol.

Breakdown of the different 1911 brands

Taurus PT1911 Review: 66/100

Colt 1911 CCG Review (video)

Wilson Combat CQB 9mm 1911 review: 100/100

Springfield Armory Range Officer 9mm 1911 review: 78/100

Rock Island Armory Ultra FS 9mm 1911 Review: 100/100

Kimber Pro Carry II Stainless 9mm Review: 90/100

Sig Sauer Nightmare Fastback 1911 .357 Sig Review: 87/100

Dan Wesson Valkyrie Commander 9mm Review: 99/100

Rock Island Armory Tac Ultra Fullsize 1911 Review: 81/100

Kimber Team Match II 9mm Review: 99/100

Gen5 Glock 17 Review: 92/100


    1. There might be more content than the 1911 reviews but it doesn’t show up on the menu, not on android anyway… 🙁

  1. Caleb, I’ve been following your 1911 reviews and I actually owned a Colt CCG for a period of time and liked it. I eventually sold it because I found myself shooting my 9’s most of the time because I’m economical. So, though I know you can’t review everything, what do you think about the Colt Competition model Series 70 in 9mm? Particularly as it compares to the lower priced RIA and the comparably priced Springfield RO. Thanks!

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