Sig Sauer Nightmare Fastback 1911 Review

Here’s the final review of the Sig Sauer Nightmare Fastback 1911 in .357 Sig. The video goes in to some detail about the gun’s final score, but we’ll break it down right here.

  • Failures to complete the cycle of operations: 3
  • Issues that can be corrected by the user: 2 (-10)
  • Parts breakages: 0
  • 10-8 Performance Test: Passed
  • Finale Score: 87/100

To break it down, the gun was docked 3 points for three failures, 5 points for the rear sight falling off, and another 5 points for the repeated double feeds with WWB. I ended up docking it some points for the WWB issue simply because I feel like a gun in this price point should be able to run common range/training ammo out of the box with no issues. However, since I didn’t encounter this issue with any other brand of ammo, I only docked it 5, instead of for every double feed I experienced.

I think an 87/100 is a little low for the gun, but at the same time I think it’s a fair score. I bet that if I’d tested a Sig in .45 ACP, it would have scored a perfect 100. I really like this gun, and possibly because it’s kind of a silly gun it’s rapidly become on of my favorites that I’ve had through the testing protocol.


  1. Good review of an interesting handgun. I’ve enjoyed all your reviews (except the Eco which I was really rooting for – maybe 1911s just can’t be made reliable in that size).

    I’ve owned only one SIG 1911, a .45 CCO that carried me through one IDPA season with a few minor and one major problem (that SIG repaired expeditiously).

    Anyway, bravo on establishing test metrics, and keep ’em coming.

  2. Thanks Caleb for the review. Very informative and I like the method you used to evaluate performance. I just purchased the Sig 1911 Nightmare in .45 ACP. Have you got a suggestion on a very good holster to use for this gun? IWB and OWB?

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