Ballot measures: the new battle for gun rights

The next battle for gun rights won’t be fought in Congress or even in your state’s legislative body. No, the new fight is going to happen right at the ballot box, and if that doesn’t scare you it should.

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PHLster Floodlight Review

My boys at PHLster have a new holster out called The Floodlight and it’s awesome. It’s designed to fit any gun that has an x300 attached to it, which means you can finally carry your weird hipster guns…like the Beretta M9A3 I have in mine. Get your Floodlight today!

Chamber empty carry is dangerous

Can someone please explain why anyone would advocate for chamber empty carry? And don’t say “because the Israelis do it,” the reasons they do it are historical and deeply ingrained in their training dogma now, plus their Tier One units carry with a round in the chamber.

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The FAST Drill: Beretta 92

I recently completed one of the toughest shooting challenges out there: winning a FAST Coin. To win a FAST Coin you have to shoot the FAST Test twice under 5.00 seconds in a class hosted by Ernest Langdon. There’s a long history with me and the FAST, so to get it finally accomplished feels amazing. In the video above is one of my practice sessions where I worked on the drill itself. I was using the gun I’d conquer the test with, a Beretta 92FS out of a Safariland SLS holster.

Real world carry guns: The Beretta Cheetah

Okay look, I know it’s not super tactical or anything, but I love my Beretta 84 (Cheetah) so hard. It’s just so much fun to shoot, and to be honest a 13 shot .380 isn’t anything to sneeze at. It’s a shame it’s slightly too big for IDPA BUG division.

The number one question I get about the video is “What holster are you using?” It’s a leather holster made by Beretta which you can purchase here.

Pocket pistols for self defense?

With the proliferation of small belt guns like the Glock 43, M&P Shield, etc do sub-caliber pocket pistols still make sense for concealed carry? Check out the video for my thoughts.

Want to carry something for self defense but aren’t sure about a gun? No problem. I recommend and use Fox Labs 5.3 pepper spray for less than lethal situations!