Gen5 Glock 17 2,000 round review

A while back I started a 2,000 round review of the Gen5 Glock 17 on my YouTube channel, which as of last week is at an end. Before we dive into the guts of the review and what makes the Gen5 Glock tick, let’s discuss the scoring criteria of all our gun reviews. Like our 1911 Rating System, all guns start with a perfect score of 100, and lose points during the course of the 2,000 round test for any issues encountered. -1 point for any failure to complete the cycle of operations, -5 points for any minor issue that could be corrected at the armorer level, and of course -50 points for any major parts breakage that stops the gun entirely. How did the Gen5 Glock 17 do?

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Performance by the numbers

I have been absent from youtube for some time, and absent from Gun Nuts for even longer. I’ll spare ya’ll the boring details, but this image is a big part of why I was gone:

But anyway, enough of that. Today I wanted to talk about an interesting revelation I had while I was taking breaks from doing mountains of paperwork in my office. A friend of mine linked to an old, and I do mean old youtube video of mine where I’m shooting a Glock, and it sort of got me thinking about “what guns do I shoot the best?”

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I have two guns, one for each of you

In this video, I take a look at one of my favorite Hollywood tropes – firing two guns at once. But instead of just playing around, I take a hard look at whether or not it’s more effective than firing one gun with two hands on it.

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Low light training

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a huge believer in WML for defensive handguns, especially guns that are going to be used for home defense. In today’s video, I spend some time on the range working on manipulating the light in the dark and incorporating challenging into my training.

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