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  1. Liked your article about new gun bloggers. I have recently started a gun blog targeted to senior citizens. To my surprise, I was unable to find a forum or blog that dealt with the kind of issues I face as a senior citizen so I started my own. My site is a non profit website with no ads so my goal is good content rather than high traffic. I have been trying to spread the word to the seniors out there and also generating content so that our website is picked up by some national gun wires to get some exposure. Right now I am looking for other gun bloggers to share some of their stories that may be of interest to senior citizens with full credit and link backs.

    Please spread the word about The Old Gunhand Blog & Forum for senior citizens. I recently moved to a large retirement community and was made aware that many seniors cannot afford a lot of practice or any training and therefore rely on the internet for their information. I want my website to be place where they get good information and not the usually stuff found on gun forums where everyone repeats things they read over and over again until everyone thinks it is true.

    1. jJust read your blog site setup article for Seniors. I’m one myself and live in So, CA., but moving to Nev. by end of year. Not a certified author or anything like that. Have been in Shooting Sports from A-Z since I gave up the Baby Bottle. Great Idea–why didn’t I think of that (Because I hate to type or write when I don’t have too)–some of the advantages of being a Senior (Let someone else do it), or, send it to the young Wippersnappers’. What is your blog name & where if I may ask.

    2. Great site!

      I lived during a time when real men and women wore badges, and believed they would make the world a safer place. We left the house, after kissing our family, knowing the risk.

      Today, police officers are targets, and news!

      America needs to realize that our world has always stood on a fine edge! Those who chose the badge are your family, friends, and just a little more than the next person!

      I don’t cotten with the nazi approach to policing, but embraces the fact that I live among you! I’m your neighbor! Friend!

      Hurt you feelings??? Get over it! My wife saw me leave everyday, wondering if this was the last time? God bless the spouse of a law enforcement officer!!!!!!

      Say “Goodbye” to your family, like it’s the last time! Thing about it all day, everyday!

      I’ve worked all over the world! Seen stuff you can’t imagine, and suffered!

      Wake up! This is America! Believe more than you see, or hear!!!!

      We are the greatest Nation ever! Why? Because of “Freedom”! We die for it! We put it first!


      Wake up!!!!!

    3. OK, that was well on written. I will subscribe to your forum. Ixhave a unique situation with my criminal record; I ‘techmically’ cannot own, use, or carry a real one so I stick with 4.5mm/.177 caliber air((NOT airsoft) They won’t give give me a job in this city, but let do security work. For HOA (stands for whores of America)’they get to steal $ LEGALLY!!). Like I said, Las Vegas is a dangerous place for a lot of folks, including me! Well, take care.Thank you for your service (how do I know? C’mon! I can just tell…

      5 9 and their families
      If more people in that crowd at Mandalay Bay were ARMED,
      That numberr would have gone way down. #VEGAS STRONG

      Semper fi

  2. Thanks for removing my comment/posting ability so quickly from your FB page without warning or off site discussion. I was about to post an apology for my misunderstanding when I discovered I no longer had that ability. That’s a pretty quick trigger finger. 🙂

  3. Glad you called bull$#it on the lame “they can’t make us sit in the back of the bus” idiocy that the OC obsessed seem to love to use as a substitute for an intelligent argument.

  4. The 1st amendment limits GOVERNMENTAL restriction of free speech. Poorly educated trollers who denigrate our shooting sports often believe the right entitles them to uncensored speech everywhere. Thankfully, it does not. Keep up the great work, Caleb.

  5. I think you’ve got it wrong Don Hardy. I just do not like Caleb on a personal level. I enjoy shooting, i would not consider myself fanatical but i certainly do not denigrate the sport.

    1. That’s funny, I don’t remember ever interacting with you, Nate. Care to enlighten me on why it is you don’t like me?

  6. I wasn’t addressing you in particular, Nate. My comments were directed toward the immature, foul-mouthed, belligerent internet ninnies who brag about initiating turmoil. (I hope you’re not one of them.) As for Caleb, he is certainly a tallented writer. I’m curious as well, what’s you beef with him?

    1. Comments close automatically after an article has been up for 2 weeks so I don’t have to waste my time moderating articles that are literally years old.

  7. Caleb,
    In the 2015 Buyer’s Guide HANDGUNS, you have and article; “STI Match Kings”.
    There are two pictures of shooters. Who are the shooters in the pictures?

          1. Just saw it, I have no idea who those shooters are. The top one looks a little like Todd Jarrett, but I suspect Harris just pulled a couple of photos from their library for the piece.

  8. The bottom picture is of Jeff “JR” Rayl who is still a Grand Master and shooting at the Pima Pistol Club in Tucson, AZ

  9. Please stop the auto-play ads. They are crashing the browser. Otherwise we will not visit your site anymore. And they are EXTREMELY ANNOYING.

  10. Caleb,

    I just read your article on shooting USPSA recently with the Rock Island handgun.

    I am relatively new to shooting since and although I have a good idea of the basics I have not yet shot anything other than stationary paper or steel targets. I plan to get into some IDPA shooting so if my questions may seem silly please bear with me.

    When shooting different stages with variety of target sizes and shapes how do you obtain your sight picture and do it quickly. Obviously focus on the front sight is paramount and even when shooting paper targets I find myself at times going from front sight focus to focusing on the target until I catch myself and then get back on the front sight. I’ve watched videos of people shooting multiple targets in rapid succession and I am amazed at how quickly they are able to focus on the next target whether it is beside the one just hit, above or below or at different distances and sizes.

    When shooting multiple targets do you not have to find the target first and then get the front sight picture or does peripheral vision come in to play and do you just transition from target to target trying to picture the next target with the front sight in focus as quickly as possible? When moving you obviously do so with the gun in some form of ready position and begin to acquire the next target before you stop to shoot but again is peripheral vision used or just from sight focus from one target to the next?

    Thanks for your insight and keep the articles coming. They are very interesting, informative and educational.

    1. Man, that is a packed question. I could write an entire post about visual focus in the shooting sports. The simple answer is “it depends.” So for example, if I’m shooting a bunch of wide open paper at 5 yards or less, I pretty much just index the gun and use a target focus. But a partial at 10 yards, or a 15 yard target will require a tighter front sight focus. One of the things I really tried to work on during my down time was visual precision and movement; trying to change my focal plane quickly to pick up different targets.

      1. Thanks for the reply Caleb. One more question. Do you shoot with both eyes open at all times or do you find much better sight picture if you squint or close your non dominant eye to focus on the front sight at greater distances?

  11. No new articles since May 5. What is happening with the Kimber? Caleb, are you there?

  12. The Photo of the man with the DOJ hat is none other than the late Bruce Nelson…the very first staff instructor at Gunsite. I have that very same picture in my office and am looking at it now. Bruce Nelson and I were very close friends for many years. Bruce Nelson was not only a credit to the law enforcement profession, he was a master at professional holster, belt & magazine pouch craftsmanship for dedicated professional pistolero’s, law enforcement officers & elite military professionals. I was the Senior Rangemaster at Gunsite Training Center and had the honor & privilege of teaching Mr. Selleck when he attended Gunsite along with his personal assistant Mr. Muntz. In addition, I was a Gunsite Staff Instructor for the late Col. Jeff Cooper for more than 10 years and a Staff Instructor for Mr. Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch, Texas for several years. You would be hard-pressed to find a more professional, dedicated and deadly serious instructor of small-arms than Mr. Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch, Oregon and that my friend you can take to the BANK!


    Jack Furr
    Firebase Academy
    2350 West Gunsite Rd.
    Paulden, AZ. 86334

  13. Caleb, just wanted to say love your stuff, especially the coverage of the bianchi cup. Was wondering if you’d give a little insight on your uspsa gear, specifically gun and caliber. I’m wanting to get started in single stack and L10 but I’m having serious issues deciding on a caliber, based on minor and major scoring, recoil( or lack of), cost to fire, and accuracy. Any knowledge you can give in this field is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your service.

  14. Hi Caleb, I been following your videos for some time now. I like common sense way you present them. My background: I’ve been shooting since I turned 5 years old. I’m 74 years old now (been up and down the road a few times) veteran, USAF NRA target .22 and 45 pistol (3-pistol) rated expert, NRA smallbore rated master. I still shoot and practice because I like to. I prefer 9mm 1911, Glock-19 and Kahr CM9 for carry and Glock-42 380 for my coat pocket. Anything bigger than a 45 is only bragging that my piece is bigger than yours. At 4 to 7 yards I shoot for the eye and breastbone. I hit what I shoot at. Now, some folks are critical of your presentations. I find that some folks are usually wrong or really eager to over complicate a rather simple procedure. I like simple. Load, aim, press (DONT JERK) the trigger. The key to hitting the eye is to practice – A LOT. I put one-half of a return address label on my target and shoot until I have eliminated the label. If I do it in 5 rounds it’s a good day. If it takes 15 rounds I reload and do it again. Speed happens with the practice. Dry fire at home helps to eliminate the trigger jerk. On the matter of cost. What is the cost of missing? This rant is just to let you know who I am. In future posts I will be less wordy and I may actually have something to say. Keep up the good work.

  15. Thanks for the tutorial. I didn’t realize they were that cheap. $450-$690/ I think the cheapest I have seen at Bass Pro Shops was around $800, for a Kimbe .22) I have never bought one myself, only fired real firearms in Desert Shield ’87 -’90. I was an issue. Due to my. spotty criminal record, I buy, use, carry, and practice both concealed and open. ,177_or 4.5mm. I an the BEST in America and hands down the best shot in Las Vegas. If you could honor me, with watching. Real Targets that dunk! And also Targets du jour/viva Las Vegas. Both on YouTube. And hopefully ‘like’

    5 9
    You are not forgotten
    We are VegasStrong

    Oh, and Thank You for your service

  16. There’s an issue I face that I have as of yet to see a video of, or any blog or content on. And believe me I have searched.

    The thing I would like some serious advice on and commentary on is this, exercising my concealed carry right while being poor. I have seen tons of videos on nearly every issue that surrounds concealed carry.

    The particular things that effect me are;
    1. Purchasing a firearm. Quality firearms are expensive. I currently Carry a Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 compact, and it took me five months to save the money and then some.
    2. When I managed to save enough money for the pistol, I also had to take in to consideration the additional things I would need I.e., holster carry ammo, a sufficient belt, cleaning kit, you get the picture.
    3. Finding a place where I can fire the pistol. The closest range to me is about 20 miles away. And I don’t own a car. I also live in the city, and it’s looked down upon fire a weapon within city limits.
    4. The last thing I want to mention are these videos that tell you that you need all this great tactical training, so come to my school and I’ll make a Rambo out of you. Hell, I know that myself and those in my neighborhood would love to be able to concealed carry, but food, shelter and taking care of their children seems to trump getting a firearm and a concealed carry permit.

    I’m seriously looking for some advice. So much so that I want some answers that I’m willing to post my email address to see if anyone will return a message.

    My email is [email protected].

    Thanks for your time.

  17. I am a longtime gun guy and recently decided to play with the poor’s. I am competing in my local 10 week long shooting league with a $380.00 setup that includes a Hi-Point JHP45.
    I am half way through the league and learning how much I need to not half ass the fundamentals. Hi-Points are cheap butt not junk. In a match I would take one over a standard revolver. In the street I would take the wheel gun.

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