Indiana State IDPA Championship kicks off!

The first rounds in the 2010 Indiana State IDPA Championship head downrange today at Atlanta, IN.  Today’s shooters probably have the best of the weather – no rain in the forecast until 5pm, and then only a 30% chance.  Tomorrow is showing a 40-50% chance of rain, so it seems that the Indiana IDPA Curse is alive and well.  If you’re new to the blog, the curse is that the Indiana State Championship has been shot in the rain every year for the last two years (which marks its return as a sanctioned match) and this year was moved to June in order to avoid the rain.

Maybe it will hold off!  I hope for the sake of everyone shooting that the rain will stay away – but on the bright side, at least it won’t be COLD and raining.

Good luck to my fellow shooters and competitors, especially the guys shooting Enhanced Service Revolver.  Hopefully I’ll have another plaque to hang on the wall of my office in a couple of days!