1. Looks great, Caleb! Do you know if the entire show is going to be available on Hulu?

  2. So I’m curious, are all the episodes in the can, and you know all the winners and such, and are just silenced by a contract, or will you still be putting out there to shoot stuff?

  3. How many times did the camera guy get shot? I’ve never seen so many muzzles pointed at me (the camera) in my life!

    In spite of that I’ve got the DVR set to record it.

    stay safe.

  4. Yeah – my first comment was something along the lines of “nice Rule 2 violations”…

    That won’t stop me from watching, though. And rooting for you.

  5. On that topic for a moment – a lot of the rule 2 violations in the promo videos were done on media day with prop guns. A lot of the shooters actually objected to muzzling anything with a prop gun at that, showing their commitment to firearms safety. After promo day, when were actually competing there was never a live camera downrange of muzzle. All the awesome “muzzle on” shots that you’ll see in the show came courtesy of very expensive remote cameras.

  6. I actually thought ALL of those shots were done by remotes; though I’ll admit the idea of prop guns for the media event didn’t occur to me.

    I wonder, what would y’all think of them running the 4 rules at the beginning or end of each show(a la “closed course, professional drivers, do not attempt” that you see in car commercials)? I haven’t seen it, obviously, so I don’t know if they did or not.

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