Indiana USPSA Section Match Update

The match has been postponed until July 23-25th. For my out of state readers, we’ve received a tremendous amount of rain the past two weeks, and currently the range is under 3 feet of water in certain places. We have more rain on the way, and unless we plan on shooting with snorkels and boats then the match would be impossible and unsafe to put on.


As you can see, it’s pretty bad. The guy in the picture is well over 6 feet tall…and that’s not the deepest water on the range. Here’s an email with updates from the Indiana Section Coordinator Jake Martens:

Here is a link to pictures so you understand the current conditions of the range.

Even if the water were to receed there would be no way that we could get stages built in time for the match. Plus the conditions on the actual bays will most likely be unsafe.

I have already received several responses back from competitors offering to help if needed for next month, and that they will be there for sure!!

It has been said before, but the shooting community is definitly full of truely amazing people!!

I have been in contact with Gary Stevens with regards to this as well. Gary was a big help in offering advice on how to proceed.

Again thanks for your understanding and patience. Trust when I say that this is the last thing that we wanted to. Several of us have been working on this match, the details etc since October of last year.

Atlanta Conservation Club, its board and Mike Thompson are great in saying “whatever it takes, we will have the match here next month”

Almost all of the staff have made schedule changes and have offered to be available for July as well.

It is great to be able to surround yourself with folks like this!!

Jake Martens
Indiana Section Coordinator
Match Director
JULY 2010 Indiana USPSA Championship
(t-shirts may have the wrong date, but it is a hell of alot better than saying “cancelled”)

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected] and I will get your questions to Jake ASAP. I’m very sorry for the people that may not be able to make that new match weekend, however I agree that “postponed” beats the hell out of “cancelled”.

On the bright side for me, this gives me a month to practice with the SR9c, and now we can include this match as part of the Quest for Master class!