Gun Nuts Radio: Meet Brad Engmann

That’s right, last night on Gun Nuts Radio it was my pleasure to have my friend and fellow Top Shot contestant Brad Engmann join me live for the 30 minute broadcast.  Brad talked about his experience on Top Shot, the tension we’ve seen on the Red Team, and what it was like to go to back to back elimination challenges.  For the people out there ripping Brad, I suggest you give this a look – a chance to hear what he has to think without the editing!  For the full episode, click here.  The episode is also available in .mp3 format.

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As always, last night’s episode is available for the dedicated army of iPod/iPhone listeners by hitting this link to take you to Gun to get your download. I have to give a lot of love to our apple products users, because they make up a HUGE portion of our weekly downloads at Gun Nuts, and without you guys we wouldn’t be able to do projects like Top Shot, Quest for Master Class, etc.

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  1. Out of sheer curiosity, how applicable is the following video to your or Brad’s experience with being on “Top Shot”?

  2. I would tend to say “not very” at least so far for myself. My experience has been that the editing has tended to distill certain moments and conflicts to their essence. They might ramp up the drama a bit here and there, but they definitely haven’t created any absolute falsifications.

  3. So, they didn’t have to hold a picture of a real rifle just off camera while you were shooting the SVT, then?


    In all seriousness, glad to hear they aren’t monkeying about too badly with events in order to ramp the drama up to, say, MTV reality show levels.

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