Indiana Primary today

Alright Indiana residents, our primary elections are today. If you’re a resident of the 5th Congressional district, you have an opportunity to vote “pro-gun” today by voting for either the incumbent Dan Burton or State Rep Mike Murphy. Both are solidly pro-gun and will represent us well.

In the Republican primary for Senate, remember that when he was previously in Congress, Dan Coats voted FOR the Clinton Assualt Weapons ban. He is no friend to gun owners. Marlin Stutzman is, and has earned his A rating from NRA.

Check out NRA-PVF’s website for a complete list of endorsements and grades for candidates.  If you’re an Indiana resident and not sure where to go to cast your vote, the Secretary of State has provided a resource to help you find your polling place.

Ohio and North Carolina also have primaries today – this is where the rubber meets the road and the activism has to start turning into votes.  Let’s support Pro-2A and pro-small government candidates today!

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