Indiana State IDPA Championship

The big shoot is this Saturday, and it looks like we’re going to have a decent field for Enhanced Service Revolver shooters.  The match is clocking in at 130-ish shooters over the course of 2 days of shooting, with staff shooting tomorrow and the rest of the shooters rocking out on Saturday.  Here are the stages for the 2010 Indiana State IDPA Championship.  As usual, the match staff and stage designers have put together a good mix of speed shoots and longer stages to give a challenging match with some tight shots.

I’m even more excited about shooting ESR at this match than I was before.  This is the kickoff for a very busy June for me – after this match I have Area 5 in Illinois next weekend, then a weekend off, and then the Indiana State USPSA Section Match.  After all that wheelgun shooting, the Quest for Master Class will kick off in full swing shooting some neat guns and gear.  In fact, I should have an announcement on that later on in the week!

As for the IDPA State Championship, I’m excited.  The weather for the weekend is supposed to be nice; I can’t wait to shoot this match and not be freezing cold or in pouring rain!


  1. Looks like some fun stages. Why nothing longer than 12 rounds and almost all 6 or 12 round stages though? I agree IDPA stages should be revolver friendly, but that just means don’t make wheelgunners do stupid/impossible things, it doesn’t mean everything is multiples of 6.

  2. Our Match director likes the shorter stages – it allows you to have more stages within the match and forces stage designers to be creative. Sure, you could throw a field of 18 round stages out there, but that wouldn’t be as much fun as all the weak hand/strong hand junk!

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