Registration extended for Indiana USPSA Section match

Got an email from Jake Martens about the upcoming USPSA Section Match:

As of today June 2nd there are 214 registered competitors for the upcoming Indiana USPSA Section Championship being held

June 25th thru June 27th at the Atlanta Conservation Club in Atlanta, IN.

There are 68 Slots that are still open for this match to be full.

There are:

Friday (11:45am Shooters Meeting, 12:00 start, shoot with Staff) = 33 Slots Available

Saturday AM (8:45am Shooters Meeting, 9:00am Start, all 10 stages+chrono) = 5 Slots Available

Sat PM/Sun AM (Saturday 11:45am Shooters Meeting, 12:00 Start, Sun 9am 6/4 stages) = 2 Slots Available

Sunday AM (Sunday 8:45am shooters meeting, 9am start all 10 stages+chrone) = 28 Slots Available

I have decided to extended the registration period until June 19th.

There will be no late fee needed for anyone that sends their entry fee and match entry postmarked by June 19th.

I’m registered and squadded up for the match.  I’m actually in Squad 21 and there are still openings in my squad, so if you’d like to squad up and shoot with me, get in now!

The match itself is HUGE.  We might have around 300 shooters at a section match, which is an insane number of bodies to have over the course of the 3 day match.  However, it also helps us make a strong case to host the Area championship in Indiana, as well as speaking to the robust and proud shooting culture we have here in Hoosierlandia.  It should be a great match, and it will be the final match I shoot with my 625 for a while as I’ll be transitioning to my next gun in the Quest for Master Class.  Speaking of which, today is the last day to vote in the next gun poll for the QMfC.  Remember – each class will be shot with realistic carry guns, so you can expect to see actual defensive firearms being put through their paces.

June is going to be exciting!  The IDPA State Match and Area 5 will be my warm-ups as the month will culminate in me chasing a home-town title in USPSA Revolver.  And I promise lots of pictures, because hey – this thread is useless without pics.

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