Indianapolis Tea Party

Alternate title to this post is “Your suit is kind of wookie-ish”. Joanna attended a dangerous gathering of anti-government malcontents which contrary to the media narrative was neither dangerous nor particularly malcontented.  That’s not really a surprise, since Hoosiers in general are a pretty orderly and respectful bunch.

Indiana 2nd Amendment March April 17th

The Indiana 2nd Amendment March is this weekend, April 17th (that’s Saturday).  Here’s a link to the details for the march.

When: Saturday, April 17th 2 – 5pm

Where:  Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana State House!!!!!

There is ample parking downtown within walking distance of the State House, and the only major downtown event this Saturday (other than the 2nd Amendment March itself) is an Indianapolis Indians game which doesn’t start until 7:00pm, so parking won’t be an issue.

This is an open carry event, however there are some rules for people that want to carry a firearm to the event:

1) You must posses a valid handgun permit in order to carry a handgun, open or concealed, per Indiana handgun law.

2) All long guns are permitted. The firearm can have a loaded magazine, but no rounds may be chambered while carrying. Long guns must be carried with muzzle pointed safely to the ground at all times.

Indiana gun laws are very clear on the fact that you absolutely must have a handgun carry permit to carry a handgun (edited for clarity), open or concealed in the State of Indiana.   If you plan on attending the march and carrying openly, you must have a carry permit issued by the Indiana State Police or by the issuing authority in your state of residence.  No exceptions.

Again, that’s this Saturday April 17th at 2pm for the Indiana Second Amendment March!

Indiana USPSA Single Stack/Production/Revolver match AAR

What a weekend – I got up at 4am on a perfectly good Sunday to drive to Warsaw for the match, and I have to say that I was not disappointed.  First off, a great big thank you to the guys at Warsaw Rifle and Pistol Club and Jake Martens from the Indiana USPSA Section for putting on a quality match.  The stages were fun, the weather was nice, and I think most people had a pretty good time.  Also, I got to meet one of the regular listeners of Gun Nuts Radio who was assisting as a safety officer on Stage 3!  It’s always great to meet fans of the show, so thanks for listening!

On to the match itself, I honestly had no idea what to expect here.  Prior to Sunday, I had shot exactly 2 club level USPSA matches, one with my Para LTC 9mm and another with my Springfield XDM. All my major match experience has been in Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge, and (of course) IDPA. I started shooting revolvers full time last year, and shot the state Steel Challenge match and the state IDPA match with a revolver – so this was my 3rd major since converting to wheelguns and my first USPSA major with a wheelgun. My stated goal was to have fun and to not finish last, and I accomplished both of those goals. I also learned a lot about how IDPA is different from USPSA, and where that can help and hurt.

Probably the biggest difference is the number of rounds fired – on the longest IDPA stage that can be designed, I’ll reload a MAXIMUM of 3 times, and that’s assuming I take 6 extra shots.  Because IDPA limits the number of rounds to 18 while running my wheelgun even in a major match I will rarely have to reload more than twice on one stage.  Flip that over to USPSA, and in yesterday’s match there were multiple 30+ round stages, which means a minimum of 4 reloads if I shoot clean; and one stage I had six reloads (not a good stage for me).  The other major, and I do mean HUGE difference is how the reloads go down.  In IDPA, most of the reloads are “static” or standing reloads.  Basically, the course description will say “shoot 3 targets and reload in box A before advancing to box B and shooting 3 more targets” or something along those lines.  USPSA says “shoot ’em”.  With Production/Single Stack shooters, there is a huge amount of brain sweat devoted to eliminating standing reloads; with a revolver in USPSA it’s going to happen but should be minimized if possible…if you can reload on the run.  That was actually a huge problem for me – because I’ve been shooting primarily IDPA, I can honestly say that I mostly practice static reloads, and have gotten pretty good at them.  In fact, in Sunday’s match when I tried to reload and move, I was slower than doing a static reload and then running flatout to my next position.

The logic on that is actually simple for me – my skill level with reloading and running isn’t good enough to be able to run full speed and get the moonclip into the gun; so when I’m trying to move and load at the same time, I slow all my movements down.  My run turns into a walk, and my hands don’t move as fluidly on the gun, so my net time is slower than when I just stick the load and then haul ass.  That being said, I need to practice my reloads until I can stick a reload while running flat out – that’s the difference between an “A” class shooter and a Master Class shooter.

As far as my match performance goes, I finished 4th in Revolver, so I’m not too disappointed especially since I zeroed one stage (which I’d love to get back).  I’d love to go back and reshoot Stage 6 and Stage 1 (Stage 1 being the total stage meltdown), but overall I’m happy with my performance for my first USPSA Major Match shooting a revolver.  Ultimately, I learned the following areas of improvement for upcoming majors:

  • Reloads: I need to practice reloading on the move until I can be in a dead run and successfully reload the gun
  • Strong hand trigger work: I had 3 mikes on Stage 1, which was strong hand only.  I straight up destroyed the trigger pull on those because I was trying to go too fast.
  • Gun stuff: I want a 610 with a 6 inch barrel so bad it hurts for USPSA shooting.  As much as I love my 625, I want something with more sight radius and less recoil in major loads, and the 610 offers that.

Again, I had a great time at my first USPSA major match, and I have to give huge props to Jake and the crew at Warsaw for putting on a fantastic match!

Indiana Single Stack/Production/Revolver Sectional

There are still some slots left for the 2010 Indiana Single Stack/Production/Revolver match in Warsaw, IN.  It’s this weekend and there’s still time to get your entry in!  We have a very active USPSA group here in Indiana, and by all reports last year’s Production/Single Stack match was a huge success, as was the 2009 USPSA State Championship.

For more info on the SS/Prod/Revo match, email [email protected] for the details and to see if there are slots available.  I’d love to shoot the match, as the price is right – but it conflicts with my 4 year wedding anniversary.  I’m pretty sure ditching my anniversary for a Level II match is a ticket to divorce!

If you’re in the Indiana/Kentucky/Illinois/Ohio area and looking for a major match this weekend, check out the SS/Prod/Revo match.  You never know, you might bump shoulders with a top tier shooter – last year’s Production winner at the match was USPSA Grandmaster Bob Vogel in one of his many wins on his way to repeating as Production division National Champion.  Email Jake Martens at [email protected] to get more information!

Indiana 5th District Series

Over the course of the last couple of months, I’ve had the opportunity to interview the candidates for the Republican nomination in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District.  I know that I’ve got a decent number of readers from that area, so for your listening review here’s a handy archive of the interviews with each candidate:

State Rep. Mike Murphy

Dr. John McGoff

Luke Messer

Congressman Dan Burton

Each candidate provided an excellent interview discussing a broad range of topics.  While I know for whom I’m going to cast my vote in the primary, it’s up to you to make your decision.  Thanks again to the candidates for making an appearance on Gun Nuts Radio!

Big Business trying to kill HB 1065!

As you know, HB 1065 passed the Indiana House and Senate and is headed to Governor Daniels’ desk for his signature.  In a last minute desperation move, Big Business lobbyists are using Friday’s shooting at an Indiana Department of Workforce Development in Portage to try and lobby the Governor’s office to veto the bill.  This is a desperate act by a group of lobbyists unconcerned with the rights of law-abiding gun owners to get Gov. Daniels to veto a good bill that protects Indiana citizens.

The problem though is that the Big Business lobby is twisting the facts of what happened in Portage to suit their agenda: they’re saying that passage of this bill will cause more shootings like the one on friday, when anyone with half a brain knows that’s a complete fabrication.  The fact is that the passage of HB 1065 will help protect Hoosiers – imagine you’re walking to your car when this maniac opens fire, and he decides that you’re a convenient target of opportunity.  Right now, and if Big Business gets their way, you would be unarmed and facing a deranged man with a shotgun.

If HB 1065 passes, law-abiding citizens would have the right to keep their legally owned firearms in their vehicles, giving them a fighting chance if another maniac like this decides to break the law and try to murder innocent people.

Don’t let Big Business trample your rights!  Contact Governor Mitch Daniels today and urge him to pass HB 1065 so that law abiding citizens of Indiana can protect themselves!

Guns in Parking lots fight not over yet

And I don’t just mean in my comments – here’s the release from our friends at NRA:

Indiana: Emergency Powers/Workplace Protection Headed to the Governor, but the fight is not over!

Please Contact your legislator and local rural electric company!

As House Bill 1065 passed in the Indiana State House on Thursday, March 4, several groups began attempts to undermine NRA efforts by amending other bills still alive in the General Assembly to water down the NRA legislation. Leading the charge are the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce and the Indiana Rural Electric Association, who unsuccessfully attempted to amend an omnibus bill, HB 1086, which would have diluted the language already headed to the Governor’s desk. Their amendment would have made sweeping exceptions to the prohibition on employers from firing employees who safely and lawfully store their firearms in their privately-owned locked vehicles while on an employer’s property. HB 1065 already contains exemptions for Chemical and nuclear facilities deemed to be significant homeland security risks, power-generating electric facilities, schools, child care centers, and domestic violence shelters. The Rural Electric and Chamber strategy is to add further exemptions to neuter the intent of the legislation. The NRA fairly and competently negotiated the exemptions and those attempting to add to the exemptions did not adequately justify their desire to further erode our second Amendment Rights.

Please contact your legislator now and respectfully request they oppose any attempt to change the Emergency Powers/Workplace Protection Act. Also call your local rural electric company to urge their association to stop their attempts to trample on your Second Amendment rights!

Let’s make sure that attempts to water this bill down by the Democrats in the Indiana house fail!

Thank you Hoosier gun owners

Yesterday afternoon, thanks to all your phone calls and emails to the Democrats in the Indiana House, HB 1065 passed out of the rules committee it had been sentenced to die in with a 9-1 vote, and then later in the day passed the Indiana House 74-20.  The bill is now on its way to Gov. Daniels’ desk for his signature, which will ensure that law-abiding gun owners cannot be unjustly targeted for discrimination by their employers.

Thank you again to everyone that called, wrote, and emailed their representatives on this critical piece of legislation.  Also, thanks to our hardworking friends at the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association, and last but CERTAINLY not least a huge Thank You to our tireless advocate from the NRA for all the blood, sweat, and tears poured into this bill.

Indiana House Democrats up to their old tricks

Yesterday in the Indiana House, Indiana House Democrats decided to go back to their old tricks and take actions that are an attempt to scuttle HB 1065, the Emergency Powers and Parking Lots bill.  What happened was after the bill passed the Indiana Senate, it went back to the House where the bill author Bob Bischoff (D) was expected to file a concurrence which would have propelled the bill to Gov. Daniels desk.

He didn’t do that.  Rep. Bischoff and the House Democrat leadership decided to file a dissent instead, which sends the bill to a reconcilliation committee where members of the Senate and the House attempt to reconcile the bill.  The problem is that they’re not going to do that, they’re probably going to let it die there and ignore the voices of their constituents and the millions of Hoosier gun owners.

Indiana Democrats have essentially betrayed gun owners here.  While there are many NRA A and B rated Democrats, as long as they continue to vote for Pat Bauer for the House Speaker position, they’re clearly not interested in supporting our right to keep and bear arms.

Here’s what we can do – if we’re going to die (figuratively) I want to die in a pile of brass.  We need to let the Indiana House Democrats know that as long as they continue to roll over for Pat Bauer and his anti-gun agenda that even the NRA “A” rated Democrats aren’t safe.  If you’re a gun owner in Indiana and you’ve ever kept a shotgun in your vehicle on the opening day of deer season, this affects you.  If you’re a permit holder, this affects you.  Take a look at the list below of NRA A and B rated Democrats, and let’s BLOW UP THEIR PHONES AND EMAIL with complaints about this.  I refuse to go quietly on this one, and if the Democrats are determined to skunk us, let’s make sure they know with whom they’re messing!

The lowest rating on that list is a B-, and that belongs to Pat Bauer who doesn’t really deserve that high of a rating. We need to send a loud and clear message to the State House that we will not tolerate Indiana Democrats turning their backs on law abiding gun owners in this state. It’s an election year, and a lot of the people on that list need to lose their jobs as Representatives. It’s time that Indiana gun owners had representatives that stand up for their constituents.