Guns in Parking lots fight not over yet

And I don’t just mean in my comments – here’s the release from our friends at NRA:

Indiana: Emergency Powers/Workplace Protection Headed to the Governor, but the fight is not over!

Please Contact your legislator and local rural electric company!

As House Bill 1065 passed in the Indiana State House on Thursday, March 4, several groups began attempts to undermine NRA efforts by amending other bills still alive in the General Assembly to water down the NRA legislation. Leading the charge are the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce and the Indiana Rural Electric Association, who unsuccessfully attempted to amend an omnibus bill, HB 1086, which would have diluted the language already headed to the Governor’s desk. Their amendment would have made sweeping exceptions to the prohibition on employers from firing employees who safely and lawfully store their firearms in their privately-owned locked vehicles while on an employer’s property. HB 1065 already contains exemptions for Chemical and nuclear facilities deemed to be significant homeland security risks, power-generating electric facilities, schools, child care centers, and domestic violence shelters. The Rural Electric and Chamber strategy is to add further exemptions to neuter the intent of the legislation. The NRA fairly and competently negotiated the exemptions and those attempting to add to the exemptions did not adequately justify their desire to further erode our second Amendment Rights.

Please contact your legislator now and respectfully request they oppose any attempt to change the Emergency Powers/Workplace Protection Act. Also call your local rural electric company to urge their association to stop their attempts to trample on your Second Amendment rights!

Let’s make sure that attempts to water this bill down by the Democrats in the Indiana house fail!