Big Business trying to kill HB 1065!

As you know, HB 1065 passed the Indiana House and Senate and is headed to Governor Daniels’ desk for his signature.  In a last minute desperation move, Big Business lobbyists are using Friday’s shooting at an Indiana Department of Workforce Development in Portage to try and lobby the Governor’s office to veto the bill.  This is a desperate act by a group of lobbyists unconcerned with the rights of law-abiding gun owners to get Gov. Daniels to veto a good bill that protects Indiana citizens.

The problem though is that the Big Business lobby is twisting the facts of what happened in Portage to suit their agenda: they’re saying that passage of this bill will cause more shootings like the one on friday, when anyone with half a brain knows that’s a complete fabrication.  The fact is that the passage of HB 1065 will help protect Hoosiers – imagine you’re walking to your car when this maniac opens fire, and he decides that you’re a convenient target of opportunity.  Right now, and if Big Business gets their way, you would be unarmed and facing a deranged man with a shotgun.

If HB 1065 passes, law-abiding citizens would have the right to keep their legally owned firearms in their vehicles, giving them a fighting chance if another maniac like this decides to break the law and try to murder innocent people.

Don’t let Big Business trample your rights!  Contact Governor Mitch Daniels today and urge him to pass HB 1065 so that law abiding citizens of Indiana can protect themselves!


  1. I urge Gov.Mitch Daniels to pass HB1065 and support our Second Amendment rights. We need the right to protect ourselves !

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