1. In my neck of the woods, the outdoorsman consensus seems to be that bear-spray is more effective than anything that doesn’t start with 12.

  2. That may be true, but if that bear is within 35 feet (as indicated by the “EXTREME BLAST”) I’d much rather be slamming it with 240 grain hardcast bullets.

  3. sure, 44 mags are much better than those spray, you dont go near to repel the bear unlike the spray hahahaha. your right 100%

  4. 2%? Pikers. The stuff I pack out here near Yellowstone is 10%. And yes, I carry bear spray along with my sidearm. I don’t care how good you are, stopping a bear with a handgun is dicey at best.

  5. So stupid thought. If one applied the spray before hand (Ultimate Axe Oderizer anyone?) would the prevention actually work better than a .4? Magnum?

  6. When you’re in bear country, it’s helpful to know the difference between black bear scat and grizzly scat.

    Black bear scat usually has nuts, berries and the bones of birds, mice and other small mammals in it.

    Grizzly bear scat usually has remnants of hiking boots and smells like pepper spray.

  7. The best bear protection is sobriety.

    If you stop drinking, you will never see another bear during your (sober) life.

  8. Best Bear protection I know of? Keep your ears open. black bears usually bolt, but will sometimes let you know they are around, and grizzlies are the boss, one should probably do what they tell you to. I carry both spray and sidearm, but a 500 lb animal with the strength of an entire NFL line (not lineMAN, the whole damn thing) can brush aside both pepper spray and JHPs and stomp you to death at leisure, if you piss it off. Incidently, a lot of human approved mace products are stronger than bear sprays. Its ok to be inhumane to humans, after all.

  9. Ambulance Driver wins the thread with the classic pepper spray vs bears joke.

    When I hunted elk in northern Wyoming a few years back, with a group of Forest Service retirees, they all carried a large caliber revolver as well as their rifle. They told me that bears interpreted gunshots as dinner bells during elk season.

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