US Concealed Carry Association

Do you carry a concealed firearm as a private citizen?  If you do, then you should seriously consider joining the US Concealed Carry Association.  It’s impossible to type this post without sounding like a commercial, but seriously, the USCCA is good people doing good things.  Educating and training permit holders is a great goal, and for less than $4 a month you get access to the US Concealed Carry Magazine.  Of course, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m friends with the editor of US Concealed Carry Magazine and I freelance for them – but that notwithstanding, the best thing about the magazine and the association is that because it’s private, members only, the reviews in the magazine and the info isn’t cluttered with a lot of the “advertisers paid us so we have to say nice things about their gun”.  You get honest info from people that carry guns every day.

Like I said, hard to write that without sounding like a commercial; but after working with Kathy for almost a year now, I actually do buy in to what they’re trying to do.  It’s good work – helping to educate the millions of Americans that carry firearms for self defense is an awesome and daunting task, and I believe it’s worthy of our support!

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