Indiana House Democrats up to their old tricks

Yesterday in the Indiana House, Indiana House Democrats decided to go back to their old tricks and take actions that are an attempt to scuttle HB 1065, the Emergency Powers and Parking Lots bill.  What happened was after the bill passed the Indiana Senate, it went back to the House where the bill author Bob Bischoff (D) was expected to file a concurrence which would have propelled the bill to Gov. Daniels desk.

He didn’t do that.  Rep. Bischoff and the House Democrat leadership decided to file a dissent instead, which sends the bill to a reconcilliation committee where members of the Senate and the House attempt to reconcile the bill.  The problem is that they’re not going to do that, they’re probably going to let it die there and ignore the voices of their constituents and the millions of Hoosier gun owners.

Indiana Democrats have essentially betrayed gun owners here.  While there are many NRA A and B rated Democrats, as long as they continue to vote for Pat Bauer for the House Speaker position, they’re clearly not interested in supporting our right to keep and bear arms.

Here’s what we can do – if we’re going to die (figuratively) I want to die in a pile of brass.  We need to let the Indiana House Democrats know that as long as they continue to roll over for Pat Bauer and his anti-gun agenda that even the NRA “A” rated Democrats aren’t safe.  If you’re a gun owner in Indiana and you’ve ever kept a shotgun in your vehicle on the opening day of deer season, this affects you.  If you’re a permit holder, this affects you.  Take a look at the list below of NRA A and B rated Democrats, and let’s BLOW UP THEIR PHONES AND EMAIL with complaints about this.  I refuse to go quietly on this one, and if the Democrats are determined to skunk us, let’s make sure they know with whom they’re messing!

The lowest rating on that list is a B-, and that belongs to Pat Bauer who doesn’t really deserve that high of a rating. We need to send a loud and clear message to the State House that we will not tolerate Indiana Democrats turning their backs on law abiding gun owners in this state. It’s an election year, and a lot of the people on that list need to lose their jobs as Representatives. It’s time that Indiana gun owners had representatives that stand up for their constituents.


  1. I just heard back from Speaker Bauer’s executive assistant.

    His office is putting on the innocent “who, me?” act. They’re just so very puzzled – puzzled, and hurt – by all the “nasty” emails they’re getting.

    Maybe I’m over-suspicious, but I’m reading this as “Gosh, Junior. I don’t know what happened to your baby duck. I put her in the cage with that bobcat and haven’t seen her since.”

    Wait a minute. Is it even theoretically possible to be “overly suspicious” of politicians?

  2. So, everyone can say they voted for the bill, but it still might not become a law?

  3. I don’t follow; I searched for HB 1065 in the Indiana legislative page and came up with a bill concerning state employee pensions and dissolution of marriage benefits. Then came up with only a senate bill reference for the “Emergency Powers and Parking Lots bill” (SB 359) whose synopsis describes legislation relating to enhanced 911 fees for telecom providers.

    Could you please post a link to the legislation in question, and its status between the 2 houses?


    1. Scot, HB 1065 is a parking lots/emergency powers bill. I don’t have the link immediately handy, however what this bill does is twofold. 1) it prevents the government from confiscating guns in an emergency alá hurrican Katrina, and 2) allows employees to keep legally owned firearms secured in their vehicles at their places of employment.

  4. I like pretty pink ponies.

    (for the record, the original comment was so dumb and anti-gun it actually made my brain bleed – ed)

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