Photo of the day: Shotguns!

mossberg 410, mossberg 930 SPX, winchester 1300

For some reason, people think I don’t like shotguns. Nothing could be further from the truth, I LOVE shotguns. I just don’t think a shotgun is the best first choice for the average person for home defense, despite the fact that it’s really really difficult to find instances where it took more than 2 rounds of 00 buck to stop someone. This photo has my three favorite shotguns of all time.

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Tales from a 3 Gun Beginning: All Shotgun

20140714-115507-42907866.jpgFor the past few months I have been amazed at how much I am enjoying the shotgun portion of my 3gun training. While it’s easier to hit a target it’s takes more brute force to control than a pistol or rifle. Yet even with my pathetic excuse for upper body strength, I really like this new challenge. This was the mindset I had as I approached a 32 round shotgun stage at the Freedom Munitions Memorial Match in Clinton, South Carolina.

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Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Review

Dropping another video review today; we have the Mossberg 930 SPX tactical on the range. I really enjoy shooting this gun; like most shotguns it provides a very rewarding sense of accomplishment. There’s something delightfully tactile about the “chunk-chunk-chunk” of sending 12 gauge downrange and feeling the gun drive back into your shoulder in recoil. It’s a primal feeling, right up there with the emotional reaction I have to hearing a V8 turn over.

Defensive shotguns

Shotguns 1

Top: Mossberg 930 SPX with extended magazine tube, for 10+1 rounds of 12 gauge goodness.
Bottom: Remington 870 Tactical in FDE with Magpul furniture, 6+1 total capacity.

Both of these shotguns would do just fine in a defensive situation, and being a bit of a traditionalist I actually prefer the pump gun. But it’s hard to argue with the capacity and shootability of the semi-auto. Next week we’ll have a shotgun video up talking about patterning, and showcasing these two guns plus a Beretta 1301 Competition!

Review: CZ 712 Practical for 3 Gun (Part II)

20140518-181637.jpgIn my post on Wednesday we covered the following parts of the CZ 712 Practical, (6) Loader, carrier button, (5) safety, (7) bolt release, (8) bolt handle, (10) mag tube extension and follower. Some, I felt, were excellent for an entry level shotgun such as this one, other features, I said, needed minimal tweaking to bring them to a level that would benefit the beginning 3 gunner. We’ll get to the DIY opportunities that the 712 Practical offers, but first, we must discuss a few major (and a couple minor) features of the gun.
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Review: CZ 712 Practical for 3 Gun (Part I)

cz 712 practical shotgun for 3 gunFor the past few months I have been learning the ins and outs of 3 gun shooting competitions and it would have been pretty difficult to accomplish this without a shotgun with which to work. By SHOTShow 2014 I had at home, a rifle and a few pistols, yet, up to that point, shotguns were still not on my radar. So when it came time to bring a shotgun into my world, I wanted to work with one that had some 3 gun mods already, but that might also fall into the category of “entry level”. CZ’s 712 Practical retails for $699.00 and with the brand’s long history of lux sporting shotguns, one can expect a solid platform on which to build.

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Shotgun Shell Carriers Compared

20140512-112217.jpgSpeed loading a shotgun, a skill I never thought I’d need, has now become a daily activity. There are a few techniques out there, and based on the length of my shotgun’s magazine tube (8 shells) and my newness to 3gun, I chose the “two-at-a-time” shell loading method. I explain this decision in my post, 3 Gun Decision: Shotgun Speed Loading Method. Each technique needs a belt mounted system that aligns the shells and holds them until they are needed. A few manufacturers have come out with models of carriers all with slight variations and certain quirks and benefits. Since it’s rare to find such equipment in a brick and mortar retail store, it can be hard to get any three brands side-by-side and really compare them.