Defensive shotguns

Shotguns 1

Top: Mossberg 930 SPX with extended magazine tube, for 10+1 rounds of 12 gauge goodness.
Bottom: Remington 870 Tactical in FDE with Magpul furniture, 6+1 total capacity.

Both of these shotguns would do just fine in a defensive situation, and being a bit of a traditionalist I actually prefer the pump gun. But it’s hard to argue with the capacity and shootability of the semi-auto. Next week we’ll have a shotgun video up talking about patterning, and showcasing these two guns plus a Beretta 1301 Competition!


  1. I can tell ya firsthand that’s a very effective way to remove the finish from a section of the magazine extension on a 930 SPX.

    Mine came off until I get a longer barrel :-/

  2. I’d take the 930 SPX, but without the extension due to the expectation of having to use it within the confines of a hallway or stairwell.

  3. I love semis but would not want over a 20/21″ barrel. I have Benellis set up with 10-13 rd capacity. Were I to use a shotgun for defense, I would go to one of my 870s and most like one of the 14″ entry guns. Jethroxp is right about getting hung up in a hallway. The 930 in that configuration would be a PITA.

  4. I prefer the Mossberg 590.
    Better safety and slide manipulation.
    Loads easier because the lifter stays up.

    I just wish the 590 had better barrel options with the extended tube that comes stock on the 20″ gun.

  5. Very satisfied Mossberg 590A1 user but I DO understand why some folks like autoloaders.
    Grew up with pumps so just more comfortable with them I guess…

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