Shotgun Shell Carriers Compared

20140512-112217.jpgSpeed loading a shotgun, a skill I never thought I’d need, has now become a daily activity. There are a few techniques out there, and based on the length of my shotgun’s magazine tube (8 shells) and my newness to 3gun, I chose the “two-at-a-time” shell loading method. I explain this decision in my post, 3 Gun Decision: Shotgun Speed Loading Method. Each technique needs a belt mounted system that aligns the shells and holds them until they are needed. A few manufacturers have come out with models of carriers all with slight variations and certain quirks and benefits. Since it’s rare to find such equipment in a brick and mortar retail store, it can be hard to get any three brands side-by-side and really compare them. 

For my preferred carrier, by Carbon Arms, a four shell carrier would be a waste of space (because the system is so compact) the 4 shell carriers by AP Custom and Taccom take about the same amount of real estate on ones belt as the Carbon Arms 8 shell, and this is why they are being compared below.


 carbon armsCarbon Arms
TWinS Loading System
AP CustomAP Custom
Load 2 Shell Carri50 L2/4
Dualload ShotShell Carrier 4UP
 12ga any length  System holds 12ga shells of any length  Same springs work for 12ga or 20ga
 Sold in configurations with different angles established   Angle is adjustable  Angle could only be adjusted through belt mounting system of choice.
 The company has replaced its original mounting plate with one that is very light and tough  Mounting plate is aluminum and is pre drilled and tapped to recieve screws of multiple belt mounting systems  Mounting plate is high density polymer
Holds 8 shells (any fewer would be a waste of space on your belt, but they can be ordered)
Sold without belt mounting system for $76
Holds 4 shells
Sold with Tek Lok system from Brownells $49.99
Holds 4 shells
Sold with Tek Lok and belt strap options from Brownells $28.95
 Serious polymer has an exceptional track record of holding up to abuse  Springs flimsy & are easily broken, but are replaceable  Dual layer of springs makes them tough, but wider and heavier;
 Springs can be tightened by bending metal parts
 Shells only come out when you want  Shells can be easily knocked out of carrier  Dual layer design of springs holds shells firmly and protects shells from being knocked out, but makes the unit heavy
When configured without space between the shells, this system takes up the least amount of space on the belt (compaired to other systems), while holding the most shells. As a bonus, one can have this system made to be used for two-at-a-time or four-at-a-time loading. To place a second L2/4 carrier next to the first on a belt, spacing would need to be carefully measured so that shells would not be inadvertently knocked from the carrier
 In other words, if a shooter plans to load more that 4 shells during a stage, it might be better to just buy a L2/6 system or something with even higher capacity.
 Placing another 4UP carrier next to this one on a belt would require no extra measuring or spacing
Carbon arms website
Can be a bit confusing but great product
 Brownells AP Custom page
Order all your gear at once
 Brownells Taccom page
Order all your gear at once


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