2013 Gun Nuts Year in Review

It’s that time again; the time where I phone in a post with a series of boring lists talking about most popular posts, traffic, and fun things like that!

Gun Nuts Vital Stats 2013

  • Visitors: 2,503,536
  • Pageviews: 7,551,163
  • Pages per visit: 3.02
  • Best month: January 2013

Traffic was down a little bit from last year, which was a result of much of the 2012 archive being destroyed when the site was compromised early in the year. Despite the loss of content, we were able to recover and post a strong 2013.

Most popular posts

  1. 9mm NATO vs. 9mm Luger
  2. You are not an operator
  3. Curing the Tactical Turtle
  4. The ammo shortage is not a conspiracy
  5. Who “needs” more than 10 rounds?

9mm NATO vs. 9mm Luger is going on five years old, and it’s still one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written here. It’s well indexed in google and actually contains decent information, which probably helps a little bit.

Gun Nuts Top Referrers

  1. Facebook: 250,000+ visits
  2. Twitter: 38,000 visits
  3. Say Uncle: 28,000
  4. The Gun Wire: 25,000
  5. View from the Porch: 18,000

It’s worth noting that as usual, Google was our top referrer with over 500k visits coming from search traffic. With that in mind, here’s our final category:

Gun Nuts Top Search Terms for 2013

  1. Gun Nuts/Gun Nuts Media
  2. ammo shortage 2013
  3. Jessie Duff
  4. springfield xds 9mm
  5. gunbroker

Thank you to everyone who read, clicked, and shared articles from the page this year. It was a great year for us, and we have a lot of excellent stuff to look forward to in 2014 coming for you.