2013 Steel Challenge Results

Another year in the books for Steel Challenge, and this one will definitely be remembered by shooters at least as the soggiest Steel Challenge in memory. 105 shooters braved the constant Florida afternoon rains, many of whom were also coming off a similarly rainy ProAm match. This year’s Steel Challenge saw some changes from previous year’s matches – gone are the impact stop plates or flight time calculations; this match was run on straight time. Your last shot fired that strikes the stop plate is your time. This means that all the old world records are out the door, as those were based on impact plates. Before we continue a discussion of the match though, here are the results from every division.

Max Michel 2013 Champion

Steel Master

  1. BJ Norris


  1. Max Michel
  2. BJ Norris*
  3. KC Eusebio

*BJ actually finished 2nd and 3rd in the overall. His Limited time with his iron sight gun was actually faster than KC’s open time. Additionally, he shot his Limited gun during the Open match due to an equipment failure on his open gun.

Limited/Iron Sight

  1. BJ Norris
  2. Dave Sevigny
  3. Manny Bragg


  1. JJ Racaza
  2. Muneki S.
  3. Frank Garcia

IPSC Production

  1. Frank Garcia
  2. Augusto D
  3. Jason Koon


  1. Elliot Aysen
  2. Molly Smith
  3. Annette Aysen

Single Stack

  1. Craig Underdown
  2. Caleb Giddings
  3. John S.

Women’s Division

  1. Jessie Duff
  2. Kaci Cochran
  3. Randi Rogers


  1. Max Michel
  2. BJ Norris
  3. Dave Sevigny

Those are you 2013 Steel Challenge World Championship 1st-3rd winners. This year was an interesting match, because due to a scheduling conflict with the MGM Junior’s Camp, it had to be moved to Wed/Thur/Fri instead of the traditional Thursday-Saturday format. The move to an all weekday format no doubt affected the number of shooters in attendance at the match, as did the dreary Florida weather forecast.

It’s difficult for me to write this, because I feel very strongly about Steel Challenge as a match. Like Bianchi Cup, it’s a historic match in our community. It goes back to the very early days of the practical shooting sports. That’s why it saddens me to see such a low attended match this year; down even from last year. Steel Challenge as a match is now in the same position that the Bianchi Cup was in back in the early 2000s, before NRA brought in Tom Hughes and saved the match. That’s what Steel Challenge needs now – a shot in the arm from a charismatic leader and organizer, someone who will galvanize supporters and sponsors for the match, and breathe some much needed life back into what should be one of the greatest shooting championships in the nation.

2011 US Steel National Championship Results

After some delay, here are the results from the 2011 US Steel Nationals, broken down by division.


  1. Max Michel
  2. KC Eusebio
  3. BJ Norris

Max actually set a world record with his Open time, he shot the entire match in just a hair over 75 seconds, which is simply amazing.


  1. Dave Sevigny
  2. BJ Norris
  3. James McGinty


  1. BJ Norris
  2. Dave Sevigny
  3. KC Eusebio

Steel Master

Men’s: BJ Norris
Women’s: Jessie Abbate

Open Revolver

  • Jerry Miculek

I’d list the other finishers in this field, but Jerry won by almost 20 seconds.  Shooting against him really is competing for second place.

Iron Revolver

  • Dave Olhasso

IDPA Divisions

  • CDP: Ron Pike
  • ESP: Scott Campsey
  • SSP: Tom Yost

USPSA Divisions

  • Production: Houston Shaw
  • Single Stack: Ron Pike

Interesting note from Production, Team HK with KC Eusebio and Jason Koon shooting HK P30s finished 2nd and 4th, respectively.


  • Open Champion: Jessie Abbate
  • Limited Champion: Jessie Abbate
  • Production Champion: Randi Rogers

Some random thoughts – it seems that adding the Production division to Steel Challenge was a fairly smart move.  It also makes sense that the US championships would recognize Single Stack, and the World Championships do not yet recognize that division.  However, it wouldn’t surprise me if Steel Challenge started to shed some of its divisions such as the IDPA divisions in favor of lumping everyone into Production or Single Stack.

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who shot the match!  Goal for 2012: make it to the US Steel Nationals.

From Gun Blogger Rendezvous

By all accounts, the recent GBR was a smashing success, literally thousands of dollars were raised to support ValorIT, machine guns were shot, Steel Challenge was shot, and generally a good time was had by all.  And just to make you feel good about the future of the shooting sports, here’s 14 year old Molly Smith who is sponsored by Team S&W tearing up Smoke & Hope.

Steel Challenge results

The final results are in for the 2010 World Speed Shooting Championships.  Here are the Top 5 finishers for Overall, Steel Master, and then by the myriad of divisions.

Match Overall (also Open Division)

  1. KC Eusebio
  2. Dave Sevigny
  3. Jerry Miculek
  4. Tatsuya Sakai
  5. Max Michel

Steel Master – aggregate of Limited, Rimfire, and Open

  1. Dave Sevigny
  2. Jerry Miculek
  3. BJ Norris
  4. Todd Jarrett
  5. Ryan Leonard

Jessie Abbate also captured the Ladies Steel Master title for the 2nd time in a row!

On to the division winners!

Limited Division

  1. Dave Sevigny
  2. JJ Racaza
  3. Tatsuya Sakai

Production Division

  1. BJ Norris
  2. Rob Leatham
  3. Mike Seeklander

Optical Revolver

  1. Jerry Miculek
  2. Everyone else

Iron Sight Revolver

  1. Seiichi Ishikawa
  2. Dave Olhasso
  3. John Bagakis

Stock Service Pistol

  1. Petros Milionas
  2. Dave Olhasso
  3. Brad Engmann

Enhanced Service Pistol

  1. Petros Milionas
  2. Taran Butler
  3. Michael Tanita

Custom Defensive Pistol

  1. David Hamilton
  2. JT Tedder
  3. Tony Phan

Ladies Results

  • Ladies’ Open: Jessie Abbate
  • Ladies’ Limited: Julie Golob
  • Ladies’ Production: Julie Golob
  • Ladies’ Iron Revo: Molly Smith

No female shooters competed in the IDPA categories.

It looks like it was another great year at the World Speed Shooting Championships.  As has been the case since the show aired, Top Shot alums have fared well, with JJ, Mike, and Brad all taking Top 3 honors in their respective divisions!  Way to go!

I actually heard that sizzling

The burn, that is.  From The Way of the Multigun, one of my favorite gun blogs is the ultimate Hi Point throwdown.  Here’s the money quote:

However, if the Hi-Point fails to live up to the reputation of its online adherents and I do not place as well as or better with the Hi-Point, or it fails mechanically to the point where I can no longer use it at matches, I reserve the right to bag on Hi-Point guns to my heart’s content from now until the day I die.

Basically, if a Hi Point fanboy will pony up a C9 pistol, he will shoot it side by side at Steel Challenge matches with his standard gun, a CZ85.  If he does better with the Hi Point in six matches, he’ll stop bagging on the Hi Point…if he does better with the CZ85, then it’s game on forever.

Words cannot describe how hardcore I love this challenge, in fact if Hi Point fanboys aren’t willing to pony up?  I will.  Just seeing this happen is worth the $150 or whatever they’re charging for a Hi Point these days.  Seriously, go read the whole thing.