Steel Challenge results

The final results are in for the 2010 World Speed Shooting Championships.  Here are the Top 5 finishers for Overall, Steel Master, and then by the myriad of divisions.

Match Overall (also Open Division)

  1. KC Eusebio
  2. Dave Sevigny
  3. Jerry Miculek
  4. Tatsuya Sakai
  5. Max Michel

Steel Master – aggregate of Limited, Rimfire, and Open

  1. Dave Sevigny
  2. Jerry Miculek
  3. BJ Norris
  4. Todd Jarrett
  5. Ryan Leonard

Jessie Abbate also captured the Ladies Steel Master title for the 2nd time in a row!

On to the division winners!

Limited Division

  1. Dave Sevigny
  2. JJ Racaza
  3. Tatsuya Sakai

Production Division

  1. BJ Norris
  2. Rob Leatham
  3. Mike Seeklander

Optical Revolver

  1. Jerry Miculek
  2. Everyone else

Iron Sight Revolver

  1. Seiichi Ishikawa
  2. Dave Olhasso
  3. John Bagakis

Stock Service Pistol

  1. Petros Milionas
  2. Dave Olhasso
  3. Brad Engmann

Enhanced Service Pistol

  1. Petros Milionas
  2. Taran Butler
  3. Michael Tanita

Custom Defensive Pistol

  1. David Hamilton
  2. JT Tedder
  3. Tony Phan

Ladies Results

  • Ladies’ Open: Jessie Abbate
  • Ladies’ Limited: Julie Golob
  • Ladies’ Production: Julie Golob
  • Ladies’ Iron Revo: Molly Smith

No female shooters competed in the IDPA categories.

It looks like it was another great year at the World Speed Shooting Championships.  As has been the case since the show aired, Top Shot alums have fared well, with JJ, Mike, and Brad all taking Top 3 honors in their respective divisions!  Way to go!


  1. Oh wow..that’s…quite far away from a Glock.
    I wondered what he started shooting after the show said he doesn’t shoot a Glock..but wouldn’t say what it was.

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