A PhD in feral hog eradication

Between this awesome thread at the High Road and the many conversations I’ve had with Farmer Frank I honestly feel like I have at least a Master’s Degree in killing feral hogs.  These are not “Charlotte’s Web” piggies, feral hogs are violent, destructive, and smart.  You think deer cause a lot of property damage?  If you live in an area where these things haven’t migrated to yet, be thankful…and shoot on sight if you do see one.*

*Assuming of your course that doesn’t violate any laws.


  1. I live South West of Houston, TX about 50 miles and they are terrible in the corn and rice fields! When each sow can have 10 to 12 piglets they can almost out produce rats and when you see so many acres lost to the ravages of the rotting it is amazing!

    I have seen packs with over 100 hogs and there are groups going up and down the Colordao Rive in our area!

  2. Times like these I think that full-auto weapons should be classified as “agricultural implements.”
    If you get what I mean.

  3. I got two yesterday morning in eastern West Texas. One my dogs bayed up and the other came to water at the wrong time. I think it brought me up to sixty or so this year, but I’ve been busy with work. Only a few thousand left to go. Come down here when you’re ready to do your thesis.

  4. In Texas they hunt them from helicopters. It looks like LOTS of fun. Steve, over at TheFirearmBlog, posted about this, and I believe there was an outfit that offered helicopter hunts for a fee.

  5. I wish I lived in Texas now………..

    Here in PA we have some feral hogs but not around where I hunt, they are considered nuisance animals and can be shot anytime here.
    Now all I need is to actually find some 🙂

  6. Ring..if that’s PETA..why does that link take you to the Something Awful forums? 😉
    SA is most definitely not PETA, lol.

  7. because peta “saved” the SA forum post on there page as “evidence”… they tried “unsuccessfully” to get the LA DNR to go after my buddy, problem is, he did nothing wrong, including using his truck to run over the hogs 🙂

  8. Ahhh.
    I figured that’s what happened.
    And damn SA’s money hungriness trying to charge to use the archive.

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