I actually heard that sizzling

The burn, that is.  From The Way of the Multigun, one of my favorite gun blogs is the ultimate Hi Point throwdown.  Here’s the money quote:

However, if the Hi-Point fails to live up to the reputation of its online adherents and I do not place as well as or better with the Hi-Point, or it fails mechanically to the point where I can no longer use it at matches, I reserve the right to bag on Hi-Point guns to my heart’s content from now until the day I die.

Basically, if a Hi Point fanboy will pony up a C9 pistol, he will shoot it side by side at Steel Challenge matches with his standard gun, a CZ85.  If he does better with the Hi Point in six matches, he’ll stop bagging on the Hi Point…if he does better with the CZ85, then it’s game on forever.

Words cannot describe how hardcore I love this challenge, in fact if Hi Point fanboys aren’t willing to pony up?  I will.  Just seeing this happen is worth the $150 or whatever they’re charging for a Hi Point these days.  Seriously, go read the whole thing.


  1. I think Tam and I already offered to throw in $$$…

    Personally, I think this is exactly what Ayn Rand had in mind when Francisco D’Aconia spoke about using money to purchase value…


  2. I’m not a Hi-Point fan, having never even held one, but aren’t the criteria a bit stringent? He has to place even with or better than a CZ85 or the Hi-Point is junk? Considering the price difference, I would consider the Hi-Point a success if it performs at 90% of the CZ (though malfs would still kill the deal).

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