More on the IDPA Defensive Multigun rules

Are they perfect?  Absolutely not.  Are they a step in the right direction?  Absolutely! Do I share the same concerns as cjr?  Yes.  The only way this is going to work is with support of shooters and local match directors.  Just because I’m excited about it doesn’t mean that people will come out and shoot it, especially if the matches are somewhat haphazard and not well organized.  There needs to be a cohesive push and effort behind it to get people to shoot it.  Now, the nice thing is that there is the potential for crossover between the big Outlaw 3-gun matches and IDPA Defensive Multigun.  Your tactical iron sight rig could be IDPA legal, and bringing over the shooters from the existing matches could be huge.

The bottom line though is that these rules aren’t perfect, but I cannot stress enough that we need to support IDPA by shooting these matches and giving them constructive feedback.  It’s been FIVE YEARS since IDPA made any changes in the way rules were released and handled, and if we just turn our backs and say “you’ve broken my heart for too long” then things won’t get any better.  Let bygones be bygones and let’s get on with bringing IDPA to the forefront of the shooting sports again!


  1. You know, I love that they came up with this- but I keep trying to contact people locally about shooting IDPA and I come up with ziltch. I want to shoot, but for the life of me I can’t. It seems to take a lot more effort than it should.

    Regarding the multigun setup. The rules say you have to have a 5.56 or greater caliber. I run 5.45 x 39 out of my AR and my AK. It’s super freakin cheap, but I guess I can’t enjoy multigun without investing in something additional. lame.

  2. Nathan, have you checked the IDPA website? They should list all of the active clubs in the country along with contact information.

    Regarding the caliber restriction, at a local match, no one’s going to care if you’re shooting 5.45mm ammo out of your rifle. If you find a match, show up and shoot. The worst they’ll tell you is that you can shoot the match, but that you can’t do it for “official” score.

    However, before you go, please check your ammunition with a magnet to make sure that it doesn’t contain any steel penetrators. A lot of Eastern Bloc ammo contain steel cores, and they really accelerate the wear and tear on even AR500 armor plate targets.

  3. Yeah, i plan on shooting 7.62×39 for that reason. 5.45×39 surplus is cheap but it isn’t very steel friendly.

    JBO, the magnet test is actually more for the jacket which is “bi-metal”, basically cooper washed steel. Steel cores are only in the military surplus for the most part, the commercial 5.45×39 like Wolf and Bear is lead core but with the mild steel jacket. Pretty much any 5.45×39 load is going to fail the magnet test until Hornady finally releases there .545×39 V-Max load.

    I hope clubs still allow the bi-metal jacketed stuff for 7.62×39.

  4. If you only own two of the three weapons — pistol and shotgun, for example — could you still shoot if you didn’t care about the “official” score?
    That would be beginner-friendly, and in keeping with the “use what you’ve got” spirit that originally motivated IDPA.

  5. I imagine that would be at the discretion of the match direction, however it does say in the rules that if your long gun goes down, you can finish any stage with your pistol. Me personally? If you have a rifle and a pistol, I’d let you shoot the shotgun stages with your pistol.

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