1. I’m also very interested in the design of the pistol. 1911’s done as .22s are lot of fun, but the there tends to be work involved to get them to a place where a pro level shooter will be willing to bet money on the gun functioning correctly throughout the match.

    The most accurate conversions are typically the Bob Marvel – type conversions. With these, I’ve seen a three piece conversion. The three pieces are: (1) the slide, (2) the barrel and “lower slide”, “fixed” to the frame by way of a threaded rod bearing against the slide stop pin, and (3), the “upper slide”, including the sights. The sights tend to be a continuous top piece attached to the barrel by several bolts threaded into the barrel. I can’t be sure about Jessie Duff’s pistol, but it appears that the white part is a unique “upper slide” section. The dimensions look about right for an “upper slide” section of a Bob Marvel conversion.

    From the things that I’ve read, the real secret to making the conversions work is: (1) ensure no contact between the rimfire slide and the centerfire frame-mounted ejector, if present; (2) correct weight mainspring (my current preference is for a 17 lbs spring; (3) good mags ( the new, small diameter, round coil springs tend to get the highest ratings); and (4) ammo that has been thoroughly tested with the gun (I lean towards Federal AutoMatch)

    I’ve got an iron-sighted 6″ Marvel Unit 1 on a STI Master frame, and a strange, older Kart/Colt Ace conversion on an Essex frame. I’ve strongly considered adding an RMR to the Marvel/STI gun, and this picture is a definite encouragement.

    Great stuff.

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