1. “proper shotgun”? Which brand/model did you use? I may have to buy some of this ammo and do my own tests…

    1. Mossberg Model 500. I said “proper” shotgun because most people use this ammo with a Taurus Judge, which is neither proper nor a shotgun.

      1. Damn straight. I was almost sucked in by their advertisements about 5-6 years ago. My friend went and got one first though and I discovered that the buckshot, well, sucked, and the .45 long colts had a habit of getting some of their metal jacketing torn off and left behind in the action, jamming the trigger. Happened to me 2 out of 5 times I shot it with different JHP’s. After shooting it the first time, I did some research and found that the buck just wasn’t very effective. After shooting it another time I found that it was difficult to extract smooth sided shotshells. So with the .45 LC unreliable and the shotshells picky and ineffective, I was quite happy that I purchased a 12+1 .45 semi auto SA/DA instead. If the Judge was the only home defense weapon I had and I couldnt sell it or buy a different weapon, I would practice attempting to get off one round of .45 LC,quickly closing the distance, and using it’s most reliable and overlooked offensive capability: it’s ridiculous weight.

  2. As part of a review of the Mossberg HS410 shotgun I tried a number of kinds of loads and took a lot of pictures of those loads. However, the review was published on Up North Journal whose blogs are now down. If you have any interest in the entire review with pictures, Caleb, let me know and I will forward it. I did not have a writing agreement with UNJ so it should be available as public domain and all I want is to help people make the best decisions for themselves.

    Happy shooting, dv

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