GunUp ends sales to LE in anti-gun states

Sioux Falls, SD – Due to the large number of anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment initiatives that have been passed or proposed in states like New York and Colorado, GunUp will apply all state and federal laws (as applied to civilians) to all state and local government agencies and officers. To put it simply, we will limit all sales of firearms and magazines to only what law abiding citizens may possess in their state, county, or city.

“GunUp believes that all citizens should have the same rights under the Second Amendment,” said Vice President Caleb Giddings. “Unfortunately, some politicians don’t agree, and as such we will not sell firearms, magazines, or accessories to any LE agency or officer in states where those items are prohibited to law abiding citizens.”
GunUp will continue to support law abiding citizens in ban states to the best of our ability, and will continue to offer fair prices on guns and gear to those citizens.

For questions, contact Caleb Giddings at [email protected]


  1. Would be nice to see a list of all companies taking a similar stand. Hopefully with enough support the bigger guys like Remington, S&W, and Glock will do the same.

      1. Thanks for the link, I’ve also sent emails (very polite) to the links they provided for Glock, Sig Sauer, and S&W to ask that they join the boycott.

  2. Thanks for standing up against the anti gunners. I’m glad to see companies like yours, take a stand along with the law abiding citizens these laws hurt. Thanks again!!

  3. Great job 🙂 If preventing the sale and carry of semi-auto’s, high cap mags, and concealed carry really makes an area safer, I suppose the police have no need to carry or possess these weapons either.

  4. While I don’t disagree with these refusals to sell I just don’t see where they, alone, will make a difference. Any corporation serves its shareholders – they want their return. That means selling where they can get a return regardless of politics. These states can turn to overseas manufacturers who would be happy to provide revenue to their own countries.

    Only action by the constitutuency of these states will make any difference and any pressure companies can place on them, the victims of these laws, will make any change. It is unfortunate.

    Happy shooting, dv

    1. Dustyvarmint , It’s not them alone, it’s us that will most likely, as a whole, buy more form those companies more now then the state would. I think the state would have to petition the Government to purchase overseas and then have to deal with state department and their fee’s. Take a look at the back orders. I think the share holders are in good shape.

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