Over 10,000!

That was close!  With all the downtime I’ve had this year, I was worried that I wasn’t going to crack the 10k round count mark; but here it is the week before Thanksgiving, and thanks to the two classes I took back to back this past two weekends I’m finally over 10,000 rounds for the year.  Sure, that’s not a lot compared to what some of the top pros shoot, but it feels good to make it over that hill, especially since I shot considerably more than that last year.

The gun that has absorbed the largest portion of that round count has been the Ruger SR9c; which continues to tick on and on, although I might need to order a new recoil spring for it as it’s now over the 5,000 round mark.


  1. Jessu. I’m excited cause I’m about to his the 2000 round mark. I only started keeping track since May though so I don’t know the full round count.

  2. That is the nice thing about the fact that I originally bought my ammo by cases, and then switched to reloading (and buying primers by the 1000s).

    Fortunately, I started keeping a log shortly after buying my second .45ACP, because that would have really confused things.

  3. Um…


    I *might* be up to 1,000 rounds of rimfire…

    Next year’s resolutions are to shoot more, take at least one training clase, shoot more, bring more new shooters to the range, and shoot more.

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