Ruger SR40 25 yard accuracy

Slow fire, freestyle.  The top five shots were fired at 25 yards using a six o’clock hold on the black, the bottom five shots were fired at 10 yards to establish Point of Impact.

I can live with a 3 inch offhand group at 25 yards, in fact I’m pretty happy with that.  Next test will be to run it through some simulated Bianchi Cup courses of fire to see how the accuracy is with tighter time limits.



    1. Probably, but the time spent in load development would be wasted since I can just buy .40 SW match ammo from any number of sources. And a three inch group fired offhand is nothing to sneeze at.

      I’m actually curious about the mechanical accuracy of the gun, I might run it off sandbags to see.

        1. Well, you also have to take in to account that my wobble zone is probably about two inches of travel on a good day. That is in part why I’m really interested to get the SR40 on some sandbags and really check it for accuracy.

  1. I’m still working hard to be able to do that consistently with any gun so that’s pretty damn good. I’m excited that I’m finally able to do that most of the time at 15 yards.

  2. The local Sportsman’s Warehouse has one in stock and I took a look. Very nice looking, but a deal breaker for a leftie – the slide release can only be manipulated by switching hands or reaching over the top of the slide.

    1. A lot of people prefer the over the top method, and as a matter of fact that’s the method I generally recommend for the SR40. The slide stop is pretty small, and it takes a decent amount of practice to reliably hit it under shooting conditions.

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