Black Friday with Gun Nuts!

This one is for my Washington readers, but if you’re going to be dragged to the store on Black Friday, why not get some free ammo out of the deal?  The hated Friday after Thanksgiving, come to Norpoint Range in Arlington – Cheaper Than Dirt is giving away a box of ammo to each group that comes to the range to do a little shooting.  All you have to do is show up, pay the range fee to shoot, and pow you get a box of either 9mm, .40, or .45 ACP (while supplies last)!  I’ll have more details up on the Norpoint Facebook Page as the event gets closer, but mark your calendars for Black Friday…Free Ammo Day!


  1. Wow..that’s honestly surprising coming from a company that quadrupled(literally) their ammo prices when Obama got elected.

    1. Everyone’s prices went up after Obama got elected. CtD didn’t “quadruple” their prices, and like most companies were faced with the difficult choice of A) increase prices to keep more items in stock or B) keep prices the same and have very low inventory due to panic buying.

      People want to blame the ammo shortage of ’08 on the manufacturers and sellers when in fact it was the massive amount of panic/hoarding buying that dried everything up. That created a self-feeding loop where supplies like CtD were then faced with the choice I listed above.

      But all that being said, Black Friday is Free Ammo day at Norpoint Range in Arlington, WA!

      1. Oh they ‘quadrupled’ them..saw it with my own eyes, as did an entire FB group of some tens of thousands of people (many a thread made).
        $50 for a box of American Eagle 9mm. $1 a round for surplus 5.56..just for a couple of examples. With fake reviews for all saying such great deals they were.
        Sure..everyone’s prices went up..but not anywhere near that bad. It was so bad CTD tried to justify their actions with a big paragraph on their main page trying to explain why they’re gouging.

        I know they’re your sponsor and you’ll defend them no matter what..but this actually happened.

      2. AIM Surplus, for example..was still around 35 cents a round for the exact same Lake City 5.56.

      3. Look up ‘cheaper than dirt price gouging’ on Google..tons of threads from around the same time.
        From little places like to bigger places like and even talking about how CTD was booted from for a while. Even has a thread dated to January this year that refers to the Great Price Gouging.
        Hell..even has a thread or two.

        Oh well.

          1. Nick, you obviously have an ax to grind about Cheaper than Dirt. I would strongly encourage you to find another place to do that. While in the past they may have made some decisions that you disagree with, they have obviously made the choice to positively support the shooting sports and our community. To use a post about their support of the shooting community as your personal soapbox is in poor taste.

      4. Sorry..I must apologize for that behavior..I’ve had a rough couple of days. I didn’t mean for it to come off as a ‘personal soapbox’..but I can see how it can come off as doing so. I’m glad you have a sponsorship..more money is never a bad thing.

  2. I wish I’d had known there was a range in Bellevue when I was there for work 3 months ago. I live on the east coast though so the flight is a little pricier than the box of ammo.

    However, I will be taking my parents and a neighbor to the shooting range on Black Friday. So much better than shopping.

    1. WCA just opened up a year ago, the word’s still getting out, though we’ve seen a massive influx of general business the past couple months and that’s a great sign. It’s a really clean, safe facility. If you’re ever back in Bellevue on business please swing by!

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