1. I guess it all comes down to who’s political garbage you expouse as to how much you are allowed to get away with.

  2. Corporations like Comcast are success stories of our capitalist system. The market made Comcast the strongest business on the block, after all.

    And since you’re wondering, the government intrudes on your personal individual life because you aren’t a 36 billion dollar (2009) communications corporation with a strong political lobbying corps.

  3. Magic Jack will get you off the comcast phone.

    I dropped their TV as well and use the internet and netflix, the comcast basic HDTV package (in TN) didn’t come with very much that I wanted to watch anyway since until recently they had no competition.

    Comcast price $140 a month (plus 10 more for netflix anyway)

    now just under $51/month.

  4. I’ve had Comcast Business Class at the house now for over two years. I run a couple servers out of my home office. Service difference is night and day vs the residential service. The only real trouble I’ve had was actually when I cancelled the residential TV service – after getting the CS clerk assurrance three times that it wouldn’t interrupt my BC internet. Sure enough, six days later they came out and locked out the cable. I had stepped out for about an hour when the truck came by or I would have stopped them. 30 minutes after I called BC customer service, I had a truck in my driveway.

    Cable TV is a protected monopoly established by the local municipality – not capitalistic at all. IMO, Comcast Business class is better because they have to be to survive.

  5. Dumped those assbags for Verizon Fios about 5 years ago.

    A pair of Comcast sales-shills showed up on my dark porch one evening (might have been around 8pm, felt later to an early bird like me) and then the retards started POUNDING on my door because they couldn’t find the bell because my lights were all off. They have NO idea how close they came to getting shot that night. Also when I found out they worked for Comcast I regretted NOT shooting them. I don’t think there’s a bag limit on them, nor a season….

  6. Yeah, I’ve been on Verizon/Directv for 3 years. Was on a local cable/phone/internet service before that. Really don’t miss Comcast.

    Verizon is also a large faceless corporation, but teleco service and billing laws seem to much less lenient than the cable company regs that Comcast works under.

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