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Speaking of round count, have you ever wanted to see what the slide and frame of a Colt 1911 look like after they’ve had more than 80,000 rounds fired through it?  So did I, then 2 weeks ago when I was Gunsite, they took one of their rental guns apart to mount some Crimson Trace laser grips on it; and I got to see for the first time.

Colt has made a special Gunsite 1911 for some time now, which is essentially a 1911 built to what I’d imagine Jeff Cooper would like to see (with the possible exception of the extended thumb safety).  Gunsite has used these guns as rentals for people taking their classes, and this particular specimen was getting ready for retirement after 80,000 rounds.

As you can see, it’s in pretty good shape.  80,000 rounds of .45 ACP is a serious number, and the gun while showing obvious signs of wear and hard use was still perfectly functional.  Keeping up on regular maintenance over it’s career prevented excessive wear and tear on the pistol, and the finish has simply worn to what I like to refer as a “well-used shade of awesome”.

Countless reps in and out of a holster have worn the slide’s finish as well, although you can still read the Colt marks, and the Gunsite logo stands out on the slide just fine.  The Novak sights are in good shape, and in general other than being dirty there isn’t anything about this gun that’s “bad”.  Change the springs out, and I’d take it out and shoot it.


  1. Yeah, it’s too bad the only reason they hang on in this day of infinitely superior guns is the emotional attachment some have to them.
    Or so I read on some forums.

  2. I love how you can see where the fingers rested for 80,000 rounds in the finish of the front strap. Beautiful.

  3. The ugly gun is one that’s well used and depended upon. The beauty of the ugly gun.

    I hope they changed the grips before they wore as smooth as that frame.

  4. Any chance they keep a history of repairs on that gun?
    Would be interesting to see how much has had to be done to it over the years.

  5. “Yeah, it’s too bad the only reason they hang on in this day of infinitely superior guns is the emotional attachment some have to them.
    Or so I read on some forums.”

    I carry a 1911 because they personally work and shoot well for me, and carry even better. I would strongly disagree that there are “infinitely superior” guns than the modern 1911s. I would say there are HUGE numbers of guns that are AS good as the various 1911s, but none superior.

    BTW did you get a chance to feel the fitting of the gun? certainly looks like all the parts are still in serviceable shape, but does it still feed and shoot reasonable groups? Does it sound like a box filled with sheet metal when you shake it?

    Oh and FYI I’m pretty sure Col. Cooper had arched main Spring housings on all his personal 1911s.

    1. I just came from a forum where I was disagreeing with just such people.

      The subject gun was actually the Browning HiPower, but the idea was the same: “…such guns make little sense now with more modern guns available…”. And they dragged the 1911 in now and then.

      Of 92 replies (three or four favorable to the HiPower, including mine) those who thought “modern” guns negated the 1911 and HiPower never did explain HOW they were superior.
      I sure would like to know.
      You’d think I’d avoid such places after all this time, but I’m still waiting to hear why they are no good and the suspense is killing me.

      1. A good argument can be fun as long as it stays civil.
        I frequent a local news forum for just that reason, a good logical argument is never a bad thing and can be both informative and fun, kind of like a verbal chess match.

  6. Can I be first in line to buy it???

    Earl G. Nash
    2 Nashes, LLC
    LWD Certified Armorer for Glock Pistols

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