1. I guess maybe because it’s shorter than the 5 round mag so if you’re shooting a prone position it might be nice.

    I don’t know, Saigas are open division tomfoolery to me.

  2. I agree. I keep toying with the idea of buying one, but I know it would just end up being a money- and time-sucking black hole. I have no interest in actually shooting Open Class, so that more or less is what kills my desire pull the trigger.

    The R&R Racing ones are pretty awesome, though:

    Between the hyper-modified Saigas and the X-Rail, it seems like Open Class is going to be due for a fairly large equipment shakeup in the next couple of years.

    R&R is also running a “Tactical Saiga” division at their big 3 gun match, and I’m wondering if that’s something that may catch on with other big matches in the future as well.

  3. That could be interesting. I recall a conversation with some guy named “Miculek” about how he was sad that people were getting Open Saigas to actually work, because that meant he’d have to dump x-bucks into one to be competitive.

  4. The R&R racing ones run about $3K. I’ve handled a couple of them, but not shot them. They point remarkably like an AR15.

    On a related note, seeing developments like this has me wondering what the best way for Match Directors to handle these sorts of development in new gear.

    The following thoughts are kind of rambling and unformed, but here they are anyway…

    At what point does something that is exotic and relegated to Open Class get a chance to migrate to Tactical/Limited class? Or should such developments be set in stone for all time?

    I mean, just look at Open Class rifles. Running two optics used to be this thing that was the domain of weirdo in shirts festooned with logos. But now you’re seeing soldiers and contractors use dual-optic rifles in Iraq and Afghanistan, to say nothing of it becoming more common on rifles that are marketed to the general public.

    The Saigas are also another point to consider. A number of times, I’ve seen guys show up on forums who want to go shoot 3gun, and their rifle and pistol would put them in Tactical division, but they want to run their Saiga shotgun. If everyone and his brother starts buying Saigas as their go-to home defense shotgun, should they be allowed to run them in Tactical class due to how common they are, or should the be relegated to Open because the competitive advantage is so much greater?

    How accommodating should the sport be to modifying divisions in order to keep up with current consumer patterns vs. maintaining the divisional differences out of a sense of fairness?

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