1. Very classy, especially on short notice. I couldn’t have come up with those words with a week to prepare.

    I honestly haven’t been watching, except for the first episode that seemed to be on whenever I turned the TV on. I thought it sounded like a great idea, but there was way too little shooting and way too much talking and forced drama.
    So I really like how you addressed that by slipping in that’s how it should be- by shooting on the range. I give you a standing ovation for that.

  2. NOooooOOoo

    I think your mistake was not adjusting your sights, compensating for poa manually is a pia (pain in ass), and while you could load and operate faster, wasn’t enough.

    Adam is a jerk, and I don’t understand why Tara voted for you, and I was surprised JJ and Blake didn’t send themselves into a deathmatch vs Adam.

    Good shooting man.

  3. HeavenlySword – I wish I had adjusted my sights! The thing is though that they were only adjustable for elevation, not windage, which wouldn’t have mattered so much when we got to the rope. In fact, in practice I shot the sides of the ladder more than the rungs to get an idea of where my hits were going.

    In retrospect, a better strategy for the rope would have been to SLOOOOOWWW DOWN and take careful, extremely precise shots. But I just had “GOGOGOGOGOGOFAAAAAAST” stuck in my head, so that’s what I did. And I am pretty proud of how I ran that gun!

  4. Dammit, I have last night’s episode waiting for me on my DVR, but all of you gunbloggers gave away the ending before I could watch it.

    Sorry to hear you got voted off, Caleb. The rest of the show won’t be as entertaining wihout you.

  5. Caleb — You were all class from what I could see on that episode. Adam was basically a back-stabbing plotter who tried to divert the attention from his slimebag tactics by constantly whining that you were a “rat”. At least you had the integrity to let your TEAMmates know that there were traitors lurking. If you had kept his plot secret from your team, you would basically be supporting his plan whether you actively participated or not. Adam seemed fond of saying that the lowest of the low is a rat, but I guess he’s too blind to see that a TEAM member who plots against his team couldn’t carry a rat’s jock. Look, I don’t know the guy and he might be a generally good man, but from what I saw on the show, he’s a disgrace.

  6. I was very impressed with your integrity regarding how you dealt with the situation. It’s a shame that when I finally started to like and respect you, you went home.

    That’s how life is sometimes, though. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of other great shooting experiences in your life, though.

  7. Fast is not fast, smooth is fast–don’t be fast, be smooth.

    I know in this Age of the Charge of the 300, those looking to establish a market niche push “fast” and speed and all that mall ninja crap. You learned a good lesson, Caleb, the Charge of the 300 is full of it!

    Yet again, you are right. You learned invaluable lessons.

  8. I have never said this to someone on TV before but way to be a human and not a douche
    you sir win the days internet

  9. Wow, that elimination challenge was the most nerve-racking event I’ve ever seen on a reality show, and I already knew the outcome beforehand. I would have loved to see you send that conniving bastard home, but I’m just as happy seeing you leave with your integrity.

  10. Also, wouldn’t “act your size” mean that Adam should act like the bigger man?

  11. Just saw the marathon of this series and Adam was completely out of line.I have no idea why Tara voted for you lol, though it seems you would be in the elimination with his final vote Well good luck to you Caleb

  12. @Nick

    Its because Tara, along with Adam, Chris, and Iaian are all a bunch of roaches, Tara was the biggest of them all, don’t for one believe she was the nice person, because she was in on the plan as you can see how they were talking before they called in Caleb. Then of course Iaian isn’t there and dodges that bullet and I bet he goes through out the competition without anyone knowing his involvement.

  13. I was watching the episode and my wife came running into the room flying off the handle about Adam, and she could care less about the show. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen such an out of line ass in real life or even TV. I’m sorry the chips feel where they did, but I’m sure you had a lot more people pulling for you in that fight.

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