1. The only .32 auto I have right now is a Savage M1907, and I only have it because I find the design interesting (odd turning barrel locking system that uses rifling torque, reversed slide rails, double stack mag, no exposed screws or pins, etc). And a lot of those old .32 autos were curious and interesting designs like the Savage, the Swarzlose, and the Mann. That, or they were just plain cool looking with their art deco styling as with the 1903 Colts and Remington 51s.

  2. They really are quite evocative of smokey rooms, men who wore hats and jackets everywhere, and kind of that “Bogart” era.

  3. The Colt Pocket Hammerless, Rmington 51, and Savage 1907 are the three best-looking pistols ever made in America.

    Plus, like Caleb said, just holding one is enough to make you want to take up zoot shooting.

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