Match Hollowpoints

Joe Lyle from Ultimak (thanks Unc – ed) explains something I’ve always wondered about when it comes to rifle ammo – the difference between a match hollowpoint and a standard defensive hollowpoint. It’s interesting, especially for me because I’ll be the first person to tell you that I know just about diddly about rifles and their ammo.


  1. Yeah, match hollowpoints and defensive hollowpoints are completely different animals. In some places match hollowpoints are sold as “open-tipped match” bullets to avoid the “hollowpoint” stigma.

    The basic reason for the OTM bullet is that the base of the round is the most important part of the bullet in terms of accuracy. If you shoot a rifle with a muzzle crown that is worn and uneven, you’ll never get good accuracy. Well the exact same phenomenon occurs if you have a good crown, but an uneven base on your bullets. Wrapping the jacket from the base to the tip lets them form the base of the bullet very precisely. The bullet leaves the gun very cleanly and minimizes any perturbations as it transitions across the muzzle crown into free flight.

  2. It’s funny because it’s exactly the opposite design from what you see in “match” pistol bullets, which have an open lead base. I mean, obviously it’s because a high power rifle is operating at a much higher pressure, but it’s still kind of interesting.

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