We have a tie

Tonight’s Gun Nuts show was going to be left up to listeners – but as I checked the poll at 0900, we had a tie between “Myth-busting” and “What do you do when you run out of ammo”. So, because that’s what you voted for, that’s what we’re going to give you. We are going to bust some common self-defense myths.  Self-defense myths include:

  • Running the slide on a pump shotgun is the ultimate deterrent
  • You shouldn’t have a light or a laser on your gun because you’ll give away your position
  • You shouldn’t resist an attacker
  • You should birdshot for home defense because it penetrates walls less
  • If you point a shotgun in the general direction of your target, you’ll get a hit

It seems (as I type the list) that a lot of the myths are shotgun related; which makes sense because as home defense weapons go, the 12 gauge pump gun owns a pretty permanent place in our collective gun owning psyche. So don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9pm Eastern time for Gun Nuts Radio at www.blogtalkradio.com/gunnuts!

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