She canna take much more of this!

My irony meter, that is.  So sometime today, some dude rolls into Tam’s blog at the linked post and leaves a set of odious comments.  He starts off as “Anonymous”, because the courage of his convictions is obviously so strong that he needs to hide behind the internet.  To his (small) credit, he did man up later and post more comments under his handle, which is Tom.  Tom said some stuff that was not smart, and even posted his email address, which he has since removed.  Here’s a pretty classic sample, with the bad word redacted.

How did the redhead learn to be a nice person and you [Tam] became such a c***?

Now, so he’s obviously established what a classy cat he is.  This is part where I do my best Scotty impersonation, because my irony meter just canna take much more of thisHere’s a post from Ol’ Tom bemoaning the rudeness of people on the internet.  I am not making this up.

Funny how people send insulting comments anyway when explicitly told they won’t be published. No cure for stupid, is there? But there is. Comments are off. You’d be better suited to Anonymously write your own blog than to send me random insults or perhaps learn some couth. Both?

I lol’d, then I lol’d some more.  I mean, you almost have to admire the balls on a guy that would write this, then a month later roll over to someone else’s place and do exactly what he was crying about.  I say almost, because I can’t admire that lack of self-recognition.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: See, it seems our wee little friend wrote a post just for Tam’s readers that were coming over to hand him his lunch.  Again, I need to redact the naughty words, because while we’re all grown ups, this blog is also where I work.  But presented for your enjoyment:


I can’t get enough of it, I really can’t.  He is both the funniest troll ever, and the worst troll ever.  If you’re wondering why I took time away from my usual gun and shooting sports blogging to poke this guy with a stick, well there are a couple of reasons.  First off is that Tam is actually my friend, and I disapprove of people talking about my friends like that.  Secondly though is that it really is that funny.  I mean, this guy has gone completely around the bend.  He seems to think that somewhere Tam has claimed to be a “hero” in the shooting sports, or some kind of IPSC Grand Master, and he just can’t deal with the fact that someone would call him on his BS.  It’s so freakin’ awesome to watch his antics spiral deeper into lunancy.



  1. My god, I thought I’d seen crazy before, but I was wrong. This dude is like the Platonic ideal of whack.

  2. Part of me just prays that this is some kind of “Andy Kaufman” level performance art. That’s not nearly as frightening as someone being that crazy.

  3. I’ve been checking Tam’s blog more than usual, just to see what’s new on that thread. I’m not sure that’s how she wants to draw traffic, though.

    I’m home on a Tuesday for a change so maybe I can try the streaming version of your show this week instead of the podcast.

  4. I read his rant….. whew. Must be darn hard to be him, and lonely as well, no doubt.

    I also scanned his blog roll, and thankfully I’m not on it

    I kind of wish he lived a little closer to me. Sure would like to see such a fine sight up close for myself, but it sounds like he doesn’t get out much, or often.

  5. He’s been commenting over at my place for quite some time. He has good days where he talks about various makers of gunnie goodness, latest scores at the gunshow, people he’s known, hunting stories. All really interesting and friendly stuff….then there are days like this.

    Certainly something up with Tom, I wish I could say what.

  6. Certainly something up with Tom, I wish I could say what.

    You and me both. He claims he doesn’t drink, which is kinda worrisome, as that removes Jack Daniels as a cause for his occasional incoherent behavior…

  7. Better, Threeper!

    How often does he swing by your place Tam? This is the only time I’ve seen him in your comments, but he mumbles about you as well as dozens of others when it comes to people who have hurt his feelings.

    Actually Tam, you have a decent point, He’s mentioned he’s not beyond washing his BBQ down with a few beers, and when I was contemplating buying a pellet rifle from him he sent me a picture of a budwieser can he’d used for target practice with it. (I didn’t buy it as sniping bunnies in my veggie garden would likely encourage the Mass Police to remove my rights)

    God I just hope it’s the hopps mixed with poor people skills.

  8. Well, it all started here, apparently. He’s been totally frickin’ obsessed with the idea that I may have been calling him a “mall ninja” ever since, which is such a healthy thing for a grown man to be doing, sitting there grinding his teeth for four months, nursing a boner because somebody might have called him a name on the internets!

    This is me, rolling my eyes…

  9. Which is funny, because I actually directly laughed at him in those same comment threads. Guess I’m just not worth hating. D:

  10. Ahhh that’s where it came from. He seems to babble about you calling him a “Mall Ninja” whenever he gets cantankerous, and not only had I never seen such things, but Tom’s a cranky old-man threeper, hardly the high-speed low-drag kiddies covered with H&K and rails, and five diffent flashlights in thier Milsurplus cargo pants.

    He’s a strange guy, and honestly I don’t know what to make of him. I enjoy his stories and dry humor on his good days, and he bewilders the shit out of me on his bad days.

    Right now my chosen method is to “buffet line” it. I read what I want, skim what I don’t want, and pretend I didn’t see it.

  11. He’s generally chock full of good information; if he’s civil to you, there’s no reason not to take advantage of it.

  12. Heh. Now he’s got a boner over Chip McCormick, fine purveyor of drop-in MIM to the unwary. I didn’t realize anybody was taking Chip that seriously anymore…

  13. I don’t get the whole “Chip magazines suxx0r”; because uh they don’t. I mean, I know this guy right, and all he uses are Chip McCormick mags. So yeah, I guess they suck.


  14. I had 4 Power-Mag 8-rounders flare out at the mouth on me causing feed-jams (Case head dragging on the lips) and mags refusing to drop free. One set of 2 lasted me a good 2000 rounds, but the next set only lasted only a few hundred.

    I switched to Wilson, they run great, no problem, I haven’t looked back.

    I know 4 mags != Data, but that’s how I roll.

    Tom has gotten me seriously interested in the Vergil Tripp Cobra Mags. They look really neat. Still from my experience it would be impossible for them to work better than the Wilsons I run.

  15. Wow. I read the comments that “started it all” and found this awesome piece of tom’s writing:

    “We disagreed on your board about some things regarding 1911 safeties but I didn’t call you names. I’m odd that way, generally polite.”

    Totally Awesome.

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