On Fudds

Yes, we do certainly need to hang together.  Like the man says, just because they’re not calling your .243 Winchester hunting rifle a “long range sniper rifle” yet doesn’t mean that they won’t.

On the topic of the term “Fudd” itself, I’m generally opposed to its use.  I think and believe that hunters are a tremendously important demographic for us to have on our side, and further dividing our own ranks in front of a newly energized anti-gun lobby probably isn’t in our best interests.  And yes, I’ve used it, and used it disparagingly, which is something that I regret doing.


  1. Fudd is inappropriate but, let us not forget the abbreviation FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) that is a hallmark of all political campaigns. Driving the argument at the emotional level creating FUD is a constant in the 2nd Amendment battle.

  2. I have absolutely nothing against hanging together with people who are actually interested in defending all of our rights.

    However, those people who would feed me or others to the bear first in order to try and satiate it, or at least be eaten last… them I have absolutely no tolerance for.

  3. I am a very avid Canadian hunter. I know many hunters who do not throw handgun and tactical shooters under the bus to buy time but truly believe that “there is no use for semiautos and handguns” How do we get them onside? Dammed if I know?
    What they have to be shown is that gun control whether its registration, banning certain firearms is as many have stated is just the thin edge of the wedge to ban all private ownership of firearms. A hunter who will believes that his guns are fine but “tactical” guns are not is just as bad no worse, than a rabid antigunner,. Maybe posters such as Oleg Volks could be posted at gun stores and gun clubs. Education is the key and showing them that their turn is coming is how to get them on side.
    I live for hunting but feel more of a bond with RTBA’ers than hunters and own only hunting rifles and shotguns because I have to jump through to many hoops to own them in Canada
    keep up the good fight

  4. The difference has been spelled out rather clearly in the comments here. Fudds are different from gun owners. These are the people who throw everyone under the bus to maintain their interests, and wouldn’t really fight for their own interests when push came to shove anyway. They make up a relatively small portion of gun owners. If they can’t see the big picture and understand that we’re all in the same boat, we may be better served by bringing in the people who don’t shoot or hunt but believe in defending the Constitution. We’re going to see a lot of heinous legislation come down the pike sooner or later. It may be time to try maximizing the number of friends we have in other places.

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