IDPA Divisions

This is part 1 of a series that will continue through the week on the different competitive divisions and classifications in my shooting sport of choice, IDPA.  Each installment will highlight specific details about each division, as well as guns that are successful and common in each division.  Today we’ll look at each division in IDPA, with a bullet point on what it’s designed for.

  • Custom Defensive Pistol: .45 ACP handguns only
  • Stock Service Pistol: Most DA/SA or DA only pistols (Glocks, Sigs, etc)
  • Enhanced Service Pistol: Single action pistols in calibers other than .45 ACP.  This is where your Browning High Powers and 9mm, .38 Super, .40 S&W 1911s go.
  • Enhanced Service Revolver: Revolvers that use moon clips to load.  Dominated by .45 ACP wheelies.
  • Stock Service Revolver: revolvers which load using traditional speed loaders – mostly .38 Special guns here.

Each category has a unique set of rules and permitted modifications as well – guns that are legal in SSP can compete in ESP or CDP as well, depending on caliber.  So your .45 ACP Glock can gun in Stock Service Pistol, or ESP and CDP if you want to.

We’ll start the series officially tomororw with the flagship division of IDPA: Custom Defensive Pistol.

Upcoming Gun Nuts Radio Shows

Tomorrow night on Gun Nuts Radio we’re going to have Gordon Hutchinson, author of The Great New Orleans Gun Grab on the air, that’s live at 9pm.

The week after that, we’ll do a fun little gearhead show about what people carry – from holsters to flashlights to knives, a broad look at the different stuff we throw on our belts that isn’t a gun.

Following that, we have a couple of tentative shows in the pipeline: another Chicks and Guns (our most popular category by far), as well as a show that’s very interesting to me which addresses the changing gun culture and the cross over between two “pariah” cultures, guns and video games.

February promises to be an exciting month for Gun Nuts radio, and Breda and I are both hoping that you’ll join us as the show continues!

Official Announcement

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this, and unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make it to the NRA Annual Meetings this year in Phoenix.  Travel budgets are tight right now, yes – but the primary reason is because the week that immediately follows NRAAM is the Bianchi Cup – and from a professional and personal standpoint, I’d much rather shoot Bianchi and take advantage of the opportunities that presents.

Luckily, Gun Nuts Radio will still likely be represented at the NRA Annual Meetings, as my lovely and talented cohost Breda plans on attending the show in Phoenix.  While I will greatly miss out on seeing friends that I haven’t seen since last year’s show, I feel as though it’s in my best interests (and the best interests of my budding multimedia empire) for me to attend Bianchi Cup instead.

Tonight on Gun Nuts: Shooting Tips & Tricks

Tonight on Gun Nuts Radio we’ll be doing a fun show – talking about tips and tricks to make you a better shooter.  Breda will be talking about the differences in between training men and women, and I’ll take a look at the topic from the eyes of a competition shooter.  As always, the show goes live at 9pm Eastern time, and your call ins are always welcome.  You can join the conversation live by calling (347) 539-5436 – if you’re a firearms instructor or have experience teaching new shooters, we’d love to hear from you.  If you’re someone who has had a positive or negative experience with an instructor, or you have a question for myself or Breda, please feel free to call in.

That’s live tonight at 9pm – hear it all at!

Here comes the gun

I should have my new “Production” division firearm all saddled up and ready to go by this weekend.  Part of my trip to SHOT SHOW was to feel up all the different guns I’m considering for the Production division, which I’ll be shooting at this year’s Bianchi Cup.

After much consideration of caliber, action type, hand fit, IDPA division, and all sorts of fun stuff, I’ve finally settled on the gun for me (for now until my gun ADD acts up).

Of course, you won’t get to see the new blaster until the weekend!