Upcoming Gun Nuts Radio Shows

Tomorrow night on Gun Nuts Radio we’re going to have Gordon Hutchinson, author of The Great New Orleans Gun Grab on the air, that’s live at 9pm.

The week after that, we’ll do a fun little gearhead show about what people carry – from holsters to flashlights to knives, a broad look at the different stuff we throw on our belts that isn’t a gun.

Following that, we have a couple of tentative shows in the pipeline: another Chicks and Guns (our most popular category by far), as well as a show that’s very interesting to me which addresses the changing gun culture and the cross over between two “pariah” cultures, guns and video games.

February promises to be an exciting month for Gun Nuts radio, and Breda and I are both hoping that you’ll join us as the show continues!

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  1. Ahab:

    Thank you and Breda for doing this show. I have enjoyed every episode immensely. It’s nice to hear likeminded people discuss things that interest me, and I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s show.

    I do have one request, though. I routinely download your show so I can listen to it again in my car or while cooking (that is how much I like it). The sound level on the recording is so low, however, that I have to crank the volume on my PC and on my car stereo all the way up in order to barely hear the show. I know this is not a problem with my equipment, because I don’t have any problems when downloading and listening to MP3s of Rush Limbaugh’s shows. I know the BTR host panel isn’t the easiest thing in the world to navigate, and perhaps you are well aware of this problem and have already exhausted all options, but could you please see if you can, say, double the volume of the recorded audio?

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