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If you missed out on last night’s show, don’t worry – you can still listen to an archived copy by clicking this link.  It was a pretty great show, actually – we spent a lot of time talking about the run on firearms, a even more time talking about what black rifle you should buy if you’re in the market.  As usual, all the cool kids were in the chat room live at 9pm, so if you’re not listening live – you’re missing out.  Also, here is an .mp3 copy of the show, and of course the embedded player is beneath this text.

We don’t have a topic for next week’s show, so Breda and I are taking suggestions. An unscientific poll was taken to see how many people would like to hear Mrs. Ahab on the show, and the response was a unanimous “yes”; and who am I to resist the mandate of the people? I’ll do what I can in upcoming weeks to get her on the air with me. Also, I’m going to try to update the Call me Ahab iTunes podcast so that if you’ve subscribed to me/us in iTunes you’ll be able to get your content that way.



  1. How about permits and travel rules discussion? Crossing the lines on a map is kinda spooky. I’m paranoid about ending up in a confrontation with a well meaning LEO over some technicality.

  2. Travel rules are easy for the most part. Just avoid driving through New Jersey, NYC and Illinois. 🙂 Permits is where it gets tricky because at that point you need to know the law of both states.

    Keep a lawyer’s card handy for such travel is handy too.

  3. Crap, I knew there was something I was supposed to do yesterday.

    At any rate, ammunition, reloading, optics, accessories, etc. are all good fun topics.

  4. I am an avid hunter from Canada. I haven;t even heard your show yet. Let alone reaching out to the general public, how do we get hunters more active with regards to RTBA. I am a hunter primarily but I love to shoot as well, Most hunters here in Canada are ignorant about the gun grabbers even though we have had registration for years. You guys have to get the hunters onside. It would be interesting to hear ideas on your show

  5. I agree that a new full AWB won’t be signed into law on 1/21, but I’m concerned about the possibility of damaging executive orders that Obama might pass right away.

    I think imports could be further restricted and administrative rule changes within the ATF could be very bad.

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