Pins this weekend

At the usual place, Marion County Fish & Game.  Unfortunately, as pointed out on the radio on Tuesday, I’ll be punking out on pins this Saturday, which marks the 2nd month that I’ll miss the pin match.  Now, before you can get too mad at me, I have a good reason for missing this month’s match.  I’ll be up at Purdue University attending the Old Oaken Bucket Game, the annual clash between the hated Indiana University and the Purdue Boilermakers.

Unfortunately, this year the game doesn’t have the same lustre for Purdue fans that it’s held in previous years, simply because IU and Purdue are tied for last place in the Big 10.  That means that we’re playing for the honor of not being the worst team in the Big 10 conference.  I will say that a win would be nice, since it will be Coach Tiller’s last game as head coach – so going out with a win and reclaiming the Oaken Bucket after last year’s bullcrap loss would be pretty neat.

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