Lead Ammo ban

The Humane Society of the United States (note: this is different from your local Humane Societies, which are organizations for helping and rescuing local animals.  HSUS is a rabidly anti-hunting animal rights group along the lines of PETA) is now calling for a nationwide ban on lead ammo.

The Humane Society of the United States renewed a call for a nationwide ban on lead-shot ammunition after the North Dakota Department of Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the results of a lead study last week. According to preliminary findings, North Dakotans who ate wildlife killed with lead bullets had higher levels of lead in their blood than people who ate little or no meat from wild animals.

The problem lies in the fact that what the study actually showed is the exact opposite of what HSUS is claiming.  For example:

Participants [people who eat game meat harvested with traditional ammo] in the study had readings lower than the national average and well below the level the CDC considers to be of concern.

Children in the study had readings that were less than half the national average and far below the level the CDC considers to be of concern.

The study showed a statistically insignificant difference between participants who ate game harvested using traditional hunting ammunition and the non-hunters in the control group.

The final nail in HSUS’s coffin is that the study itself recommends that North Dakota hunters continue to donate game meat and venison in specific to  food pantries, indicating that there is no inherent risk to it.  What amazes me is that HSUS was able to read the exact same report that I read, and essentially flat out lie about it.  Well, I guess I should say I’m not amazed, I’m more appalled than anything.

It’s tremendously important that hunters and shooters come together to oppose stuff like this – a ban on traditional ammo would deeply affect all of our ability to hunt, target shoot, and even to defend ourselves.  Because AHSA and HSUS accomplished their electoral goal, we can look forward to spending the next four years fighting this kind of stupidity.

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  1. They say that California is usually about 10 years ahead of the rest of the country legislatively. Since it was only a couple years ago the Golden State passed their lead ammo ban, looks like the antis are trying to speed up the process a bit. As Michelle Malkin said after the election “Gird your loins.” We are in for a fight the next four years.

  2. Mildly related… my well meaning girlfriend sent me the following, also from HSUS.


    They want Petland to stop selling puppies. Remember, it’s awesome when a radical PETA-like group organizes a boycott based on their “research” but WE ARE EEE-VYLL when we tell Dan Cooper that we don’t care for his traitorous behavior.

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