Steyr AUGs to be available Q1 2009

Sabre Defence has announced that they are in the final production stages of the new, civilian legal Steyr AUG.  If you click that link, it will take you to the Sabre Defence press release on the production of the Steyr AUG.  If you go to Steyr’s website, you can see a picture of the new rifle, which I’ve reproduced here as well.

The link will take you to the fullsize version.  It’s well, an AUG alright.  Counterstrike fanboys across the world are squealing in delight.

Myself, I think it’s a cool looking gun, but I’ve never been a huge fan of bullpup style rifles, once you get past the “hey that’s neat looking” factor.  Sure, I like that you can get more barrel into a smaller space with a bullpup, and the AUG has pretty good ergonomics for a bullpup gun.

Bottom line though is that if you’re the kind of guy who bought a Walther G22 just because it was a bullpup, you know have a chance to own a genuine Steyr AUG, the “king” of bullpup rifles.*

*Yes, I know about the SA80 in England, but good luck getting that in a civilian version.


  1. One in 458 SOCOM would be a damned good home defense weapon, but outdoors, why put the muzzle that close to your ears if you don’t need to?

  2. For that matter, why put the chamber so close to your ears? I’ve never liked bullpups myself, but then, I have the Southpaw Bias against brass being shot directly at my face.

    And yes, I am interested in Kel-Tec’s new RFB. At least someone’s thinking of the neglected lefty shooters. You could make a mint off of us, I’m telling ya …

  3. I don’t like bullpup style rifles at all, auuggg. give me the subs. Then again I have been raised on the sub GPMG’s since 1989. I was issued the HK53, loved it.

  4. THe difference is that the SA80 is a shitty gun that has never worked while the AUG is a proven design.

  5. Hmm.

    No adjustable stock. No bayonet lug.

    Can’t tell from the picture if that’s an eeeevil flash suppressor or a benign muzzle brake (that’s sarcasm right there), but that’s easy enough to swap.

    That might just be legal to own in MA.

    Are the mags proprietary, or does it take standard AR-15 mags? ‘Cuz that would be kewl…

  6. I think it takes STANAG mags, but I don’t know that for a fact. I would hope that it does since it’s the service rifle of a NATO country.

  7. Bedlam,

    I was issued the HK53, loved it.

    Guns you were ‘issued’ in a game of Counterstrike don’t count.


    The AUG doesn’t take STANAG mags, which is its biggest weakness from a frugality standpoint. During the ban years, they were priced like imported sin and scarcer than honest politicians.

  8. Real sad. If it took STANAG magazines it’d be pretty sweet, but I just can’t bring myself to buy a rifle that doesn’t feed off the most common magazine on the planet.

    I’d bet, it’s in a weird and (for me anyway) unnatural place to have to reach to change a mag. Changing mags on the AR on the other hand is just a few inches different from changing mags on a pistol, which makes it a pretty quick proposition.

  9. You have to reach up to a location somewhere in front of your armpit, tug out the old magazine, and then insert a fresh one.

    Not a big deal if you’re behind cover and have time, I guess, but I’d sure hate to be in a “zomg I shot the gun dry!” hurry with one.

  10. Matt Maynard,

    I’ve never liked bullpups myself, but then, I have the Southpaw Bias against brass being shot directly at my face.

    The AUG has selectable ejection ports, making it a good bullpup for southpaws.

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